Tribe Property Technologies Partnership with Eddy Solutions, Bringing Smart Water Metering to New Construction Buildings

Tribe Property Technologies Inc. has partnered with Eddy Solutions, a leader in IoT (Internet of Things)-enabled water protection, specializing in water monitoring and leak detection for properties of all types.

“We are excited to bring Eddy’s comprehensive suite of smart water monitoring devices to our digital ecosystem,” explained Joseph Nakhla, Tribe CEO. “By combining behavioural learning, real-time alerts and a comprehensive dashboard, Eddy Solutions offers greater control and transparency on consumption, risk mitigation and preventative maintenance options to our portfolio of new construction buildings as well as our existing communities.”

Tribe has relationships with more than 50 real estate developers across Canada building multi-family residential strata, condo, and rental buildings. With housing starts in Canada expected to be 250,000 units by the end of this quarter, and projections of around 220,000 units in 2022 and 200,000 units in 2023, there is significant opportunity for smart water metering to become an industry expectation1.

“Water claims are one of the biggest damage risks and leading cause of rework and claims during construction, with approximately $6 billion paid out in water damage claims annually across Canada,2” shared Mr. Nakhla. “Water protection is integral to the long-term health, value and management of a building.”

Tribe’s Digital Partnership Program is focused on developing partnerships that elevate service offerings and convenience, improve efficiencies, protect assets and provide unique benefits to living in a Tribe Community. These partnerships integrate with Tribe’s community management platform, connecting with thousands of owners, councils/boards, and property developers across Canada.

“Tribe offers a leading condo-living platform that has become a household name for many property developers and condo boards,” said Travis Allen, Eddy’s CEO and President. “We look forward to partnering with them as their tech-enabled solutions continue to transform residential community living.”

Tribe manages approximately 40,000 homes made up of more than 100,000 residents. The Company’s proprietary community management software Tribe Home is integrated into every community with its ability to connect, inform, educate, and protect through the digitization and simplification of residential community living.

About Eddy Solutions

Eddy is an award-winning, innovative North American manufacturer of smart water metering products and related technologies, helping property owners protect, control, and conserve water usage by combining water sensing devices with machine learning software. Eddy provides substantial protection to single-family homes, as well as commercial and residential buildings at every stage of the building cycle, including construction. For more details on Eddy’s products or company information, please visit

About Tribe Property Technologies:

Tribe is a property technology company that is digitizing the traditional property management industry. As a rapidly growing tech-forward property management company, Tribe’s integrated service-technology delivery model serves the needs of a much wider variety of stakeholders than traditional service providers.

Tribe’s three revenue pillars are made up of software and service (recurring licensing and management fees), transactional (rent or condo fees, banking services, lease-ups) and digital services and partnership (smart building products, financial and insurance service) revenue.

Tribe seeks to acquire highly accretive targets in the fragmented North American property management industry and transform these businesses through streamlining and digitization of operations. Tribe’s platform decreases customer acquisition costs, increases retention and allows for the addition of value-added products and services through the platform.