Tips to Incorporate Torus Style Skirting Boards into Your Home

You might want to think about utilizing torus skirting if you want to get a classic design, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money doing it. This skirting is a great option for door frames because it is constructed of MDF.

In addition to being simple to install, torus skirting is made to match the nearby walls in terms of both color and style.

Why choose Torus Skirting Board?

Torus Solid Oak Skirting Boards provide a classic style

Due to their solid oak structure, the Torus Solid Oak Skirting Boards have a classic aesthetic that complements a broad range of interior styles.

Since these skirting boards are untreated, you have the freedom to utilize them in a way that complements the other wood furnishings and décor items in the space you are designing. They may range in length from one to three meters and come in four distinct heights. They are between one and three meters long. They have a cozy, friendly atmosphere that is accentuated by the natural wood grain finish, which gives them a feeling of familiarity.

Ability to paint over it

Your best torus style skirting boards option material for painting is Torus Primed board. A veneered skirting board will set you back more money, but it will make the room appear deeper and give the appearance that the board is made of genuine wood. Additionally, you have the option of choosing veneered skirting. If you wish to paint the skirting, veneering is the ideal solution, but if you want a white finish, foil-wrapped white Torus is the superior choice.

The best choice if you wish to paint the skirting is veneering. Utilizing MDF molding has another benefit in that, generally speaking, it is less expensive than other accessible options. Because MDF molding is also produced using renewable resources, they are useful to people who are on a tight budget.

Exterior finish

The Torus Type 2 skirting board is an alternative for outside trim for houses with a vintage style. The slightly broader top edge draws the reader’s attention to the symmetrical bump and slides present on its surface. A skirting board typically has an 18-millimeter thickness.

Torus Skirting Board Selection


Choose from shorter boards, measuring 57 mm or 68 mm, medium-width boards, measuring 94 mm and 119 mm, or choose from our selection of broadest boards, measuring either 144 mm or 168 mm, at The Skirting Board Shop. Plan carefully for the breadth if you merely intend to replace your molding.


Are you going to use your skirting board as-is, paint it, or use it to add some color to the inside of your house? Next, you should think about the various finishing options.

The ideal board for painting has Torus Primed. A veneered skirting board would work best in your home to provide the appearance of wood and is ready for you to oil, wax, or lacquer.


It would be helpful to keep in mind the real purpose of torus style skirting boards when thinking about buying some. Even though many people only regard skirting boards as decoration, they serve several crucial purposes. The torus skirting board is an elegant solution to hide the gaps and jagged edges that this frequently creates.