Schneider Electric partners with geo to advance Home Energy Management Systems

Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, has announced a partnership with geo (Green Energy Options), the smart home energy specialist based in Cambridge, to accelerate the UK’s journey to net zero homes.

A first for both companies, the co-development brings together geo’s innovative, agile product development and data insights with Schneider’s energy management technology and extensive channel network.

According to the latest Climate Change Committee (CCC) report, the UK will not meet its 2050 zero carbon goals without almost entirely eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from Britain’s 29 million homes. Developing a net zero home requires companies to collaborate to create smarter, more connected and more efficient mass market solutions. The Schneider Electric and geo partnership brings a new level of intelligence to the at-home energy management market, providing the impetus for widespread change.

“The partnership will deliver the first fully connected, comprehensive heating control system that uses the full range of smart meter data,” said Patrick Caiger-Smith, geo CEO. “While smart meters are being rolled out across the UK, we have not seen much of the data generated being used to inform home energy management. The solution developed through this partnership is truly ground-breaking, injecting data science into a major infrastructure programme to put consumers in control.”

“Our current domestic energy use makes the 2050 net zero target impossible. We need to accelerate the journey to net zero homes now,” commented Mike Hughes, Zone President UK & Ireland, Schneider Electric. “Home energy infrastructure, as a whole, needs to become smarter and provide homeowners with complete control over energy generation, consumption and storage. With this first co-development partnership, we are investing in innovation and ensuring that we’re best placed to create the net zero home. We want to work with the country’s most innovative companies and individuals to make that vision a reality.”