RED Systems uses Field View to track workers health and safety

RED Systems is using Viewpoint’s Field View solution to track the health and safety of its workers during the pandemic.  A Viewpoint client, RED Systems is a sub-contractor that designs, supplies and installs a range of structural glazing, aluminium windows, doors, curtain walling and roof light and atrium systems.

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on 23 March, RED Systems decided to withdraw all labour from its sites, as it did not think they were safe given the guidelines set out by the UK government.

Clients did ask RED Systems to return to site but managing director Michael Green was not comfortable letting teams work under usual construction conditions whilst Covid-19 was still an ongoing concern for public safety.

RED Systems acted fast and looked to find a solution that would benefit its clients, the economy and its own business whilst protecting workers at the same time.

This led them to use Viewpoint’s Field View to create customised health and safety forms, which they could monitor across all job sites.

On arrival at site, workers’ temperatures are taken, they self-certify for symptoms and they are provided with PPE.

All information is recorded on the form created in Viewpoint Field View and is then automatically emailed to key stakeholders such as Green and RED Systems’ clients.

Clients love the proactive approach taken by RED Systems, as it gives them confidence of a safe working environment.

Field View benefits

Field View helps contractors extend the abilities of their back-office systems out onto job sites to ensure more streamlined, higher-quality projects.

The innovative solution is a cloud-based and off-line mobile solution that replaces pen and paper in the field for quality assurance/quality control, safety, project delivery and handover. The Viewpoint solution doesn’t just help RED Systems track employees’ health and safety.

RED was able to extend the abilities of its back-office systems out onto job sites, allowing the ability to resolve issues quickly, reduce risk, and deliver higher-quality projects with accurate, paperless processes in the field.

Field View has been integral in RED Systems’ quality improvement strategy, led by Andy Almey, director of RED Jam, a process transformation consultancy.

It enabled RED Systems to adopt a culture of continuous improvement alongside Field View and lean processes delivering significant benefits, including a year on year cost of error reduction of over £300k and an increase in RED’s gross profit performance.

RED Systems combined data from Field View with analytic tools to try and further improve quality and reduce costs. The company immediately identified damaged beads as being the most frequently reported snag. Repairing or replacing beads was costing Red Systems up to £26k a month.

Using the Field View data to highlight this problem of beads meant the company could put quality control processes in place to reduce the number of associated snags and ultimately improve the bottom line.

The result

After just three months recording a cost of £26k on repairs to beads, RED Systems reduced this to only £225 in a single calendar month. Red Systems is also utilising a feature in Field View that allows users to implement QR codes across job sites.

The company reduced time to record snags by over 50% through using QR codes. Workers on-site scanned the codes within Field View and it immediately opens up the plot location and lets users record the snag with a pre-defined list and use the pin to mark the exact location on the plot.

With the flexibility in features and forms that Field View brings to the table for contractors, it is no surprise RED Systems was also quick to adapt its usage of Field View to tackle timely key issues surrounding safe working in this current climate.

Michael Green said: “We wanted our staff to be able to tell their families it is safe to go to work. We not only have a duty of care to our workers but also a duty to the economy.”