Europe Cross-Border Real Estate Sees 18.75% Dip In June 2022

World Construction Today – According to GlobalData’s transactions database, cross-border deal activity in Europe’s construction and real estate sector fell 18.75% in June 2022 compared to the previous 12-month average, driven by Qatar Investment Authority’s $111 million private equity deal for a 36.5% share in Sk Holdco.

In contrast to the region’s 12-month average of 32 deals, a total of 26 cross-border deals in the construction and real estate sectors worth $202.3 million were announced in June 2022. In terms of deal categories, M & A experienced the most action in June 2022, with 14 deals, or 53.9% of all transactions in the region.

Private equity came in second with eight transactions, followed by venture financing deals with four, and together they accounted for 30.8% and 15.4% of the total cross-border deal activity for the month. In Europe’s construction and real estate markets, private equity had the highest value of cross-border transactions at $140.95 million, followed by venture financing at $55.33 million and M&A deals at $6.04 million.

Top cross-border transactions in the European construction and real estate industries in June 2022

In June 2022, the top five cross-border deals in construction and real estate accounted for 97.5% of overall value.

The top five cross-border real estate and construction deals totaled $197.31 million, compared to the $202.3 million in total value for the month. The top five cross-border deals in the real estate and construction sectors in June 2022 as tracked by GlobalData were:

1) Sk Holdco’s 36.5% share was acquired by Qatar Investment Authority through a $111 million private equity deal.

2) Daphni and DST Global’s $42.06 million venture funding of Masteos

3) Hillhouse Investment and Ekornes sign a $29.95 million private equity deal

4) Blackhorn Ventures Capital Management, JLL Spark Global Venture Fund, Motu Ventures Management, PropTech1 Venture Services, WAREMA Renkhoff, and Zacua Ventures’ $8.25 million venture funding of ecoworks

5) A $6.04 million purchase agreement between Nordisk Bergteknik and Snemyr Betongsproyting