Eiffage hands over Frances tallest timber tower in Bordeaux

Eiffage Construction has completed France’s tallest timber tower in the southwestern city of Bordeaux.

The Hypérion tower, with 17 storeys reaching 50m in height, was designed by Jean-Paul Viguier & Associates and developed in the city centre by public agency Bordeaux Euratlantique. It will be part of a complex of 182 homes, car parks, shops and offices spread across four buildings.

The project was begun in 2015 as part of a project to demonstrate ways of building a sustainable city.

Eiffage combined a concrete base on the lower three storeys and a concrete core, and made up the remainder with “glulam” beams, made from cross-laminated sheets of wood.

Its construction used more than 1,500 prefabricated components, including facade panels made in the factory owned by a subsidiary of Eiffage.

Building Hyperion required 1,400 cubic metres of solid wood sourced in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region. Waste timber was recovered at the Noé shared inter-site services platform, the first of its kind, opened by Eiffage and Suez in 2018.

Hypérion was recognised at the BIM d’Or awards 2019 for its BIM design.