Discover all the advantages of using telescopic guides

The use of telescopic guides or slides is quite common, both in homes and in the industrial sector, due to all the advantages that their application brings. To know them all, we invite you to continue reading this article.

A very useful system

Telescopic guides are the perfect solution for opening and closing drawers, and although it seems like a fairly simple action, the truth is that these guides play a very important role in this action.

Telescopic slides or runners allow a drawer to be moved easily and practically, in order to access its contents or to store items in it, thanks to the sliding of various components that make up the whole system.

The application of these guides is very varied, you can find them in the railway sector, in industrial vehicles, in the aviation field, in exhibitors and even in sliding doors, due to the following advantages


On the market, it is possible to obtain guides in different materials, whose use will depend on the needs that your company must cover.

In addition, all telescopic guides are manufactured by extrusion or undergo treatments that allow them to obtain greater hardness and resistance to corrosion. This way, its constant use will not affect its conditions, so its useful life will be longer.

One of the most used in different sectors are the steel guides, as they have the capacity to resist high loads, making the sliding safe despite the weight, which is why they are used in the food sector. Thanks to the fact that they are stainless steel guides, they are also useful in environments where they are exposed to corrosion.

While those made of aluminum are used to support lighter loads, as it is a material that does not have as much resistance to work with very heavy things.

High capacity

When it comes to guides made of resistant materials, such as stainless steel, you can count on a fairly high load capacity, this will allow the guides to support even a ton, allowing them to adapt to the needs of each industrial sector.

The length of the guides will depend on the amount of weight or space you need to slide easily, being possible to find sliding guides of 150 mm and up to three meters.

Locking system

The lock is of the utmost importance to avoid accidents where the contents are exposed or an employee is affected by its opening.

On the market, there are several types of locks, those that open, which are used when opening the guide in its entirety, and another closed, to block it when closing. You can even find a lock system that combines these two locks.

In the same way, you can use the bi-directional telescopic slides and a key in hand. This is an external system for locking the track that can be less expensive than the other options mentioned.

Professional advice

When purchasing these guides or telescopic slides for the needs you need to cover, it is best to have the advice of a professional company such as Chambrelan, as choosing the exact size and perfect guide for your business can be a complicated task.

These professionals will take into account key aspects such as the amount of weight and objects you intend to slide, the length it should be when closed and opened, the locking system that best suits what you want and your budget.

Their experience will allow them to offer local advice that will make the whole selection process easier, so you can take advantage of the guides that are right for your business. They can even customize the guides to better fit what you want, in case you don’t find a pre-designed model that works for you.Thanks to all the benefits that telescopic sliding guides provide, they are considered an essential and very useful element. for different industrial sectors and for different applications. So if you want to slide high loads safely, easily and quickly, you will need these guides.