Boreal partnering on R&D projects aiming to advance green construction

College Boreal is partnering with two builders to conduct applied research projects related to green construction. Denis Ouimette, professor and coordinator of the Architectural Technician and Architectural Technology programs at the college, is leading the applied research projects in collaboration with two private-sector partners to develop new sustainable construction techniques.

“In partnership with Construction La Ray, my students and I will be studying the energy performance of insulated window shutters. Windows are a weak point for a building’s energy performance. Our applied research aims to demonstrate the feasibility of using insulated shutters to surpass the performance of high-end windows, at a lower cost,” Ouimette said in a release.

Construction La Ray chose to partner with researchers at College Boreal to develop an insulated shutter that will reduce heat gains in the summer and heat loss in the winter, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

The company will then be able to propose this new technology to its clients, affording them significant cost savings.

Tooketree Passive Homes has also partnered with the College Boreal team to conduct a feasibility study for a new structural insulated panel.

This second applied research project will study the company’s eco-digital wall and aims to improve the fabrication process for homes.

“We will develop a structural insulated panel which uses renewable materials, digital fabrication, and construction which prioritizes the continuity of thermal insulation and vapour and wind barriers. The panels will be designed, fabricated and evaluated for their thermal and structural efficiency,” said Ouimette.

Each of these applied research projects is supported by a $25,000 grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

“College Boreal is proud to be working with Construction La Ray and Tooketree Passive Homes to support the development of new green technology for the construction industry,” said Robin Craig, the director of Recherche and Innovation Boreal.

“These partnerships with innovative companies allow us to leverage our expertise in applied research and provide our students with opportunities to drive innovation in their chosen industry.”