August Brought Lucrative Contract Opportunities In Europe

In August, several lucrative contract opportunities worth billions of Euros became available for competitive tender. These encompass a diverse range of projects across Europe and the UK, including a substantial decommissioning program at the Sellafield nuclear facility in the United Kingdom and preliminary information regarding a potential tender for the expansion of Dublin’s rail network in Ireland, valued at approximately €3 billion. Additionally, there are significant contract notices for projects such as a €207 million energy-from-waste plant in southwest France and plans for the construction of up to 50 data centers on the German rail network, with an estimated worth of €500 million.

Check out the 8 biggest projects below.

1) France – Construction of New HQ for Marseille Port Authority: €140 million

  • Project Details: The Grand Port Maritime de Marseille (GPMM) seeks a partner to undertake the financing, design, and construction of its new headquarters. Situated at the heart of France’s main trade seaport, the project entails the demolition of GPMM’s 70-year-old headquarters on Place de la Joliette, near the ferry terminal. The selected partner will also have the opportunity to develop approximately 19,000 sq m of floor space in the vicinity as part of the comprehensive deal.
  • Value: €140 million
  • Client: Grand Port Maritime de Marseille
  • Duration: 23 years
  • Tender Deadline: 19 October 2023
  • Tender Language: French

2) France – Energy from Waste Plant: €207 million

  • Project Details: This contract involves the design, construction, and operation of a new energy-from-waste plant in Limoges, France. The project unfolds in two phases: a study/design and works phase, followed by an execution phase, which encompasses material and equipment procurement before commencing operations.
  • Value: €207 million
  • Client: Limoges Métropole
  • Duration: 168 months
  • Tender Deadline: 2 October 2023
  • Tender Language: French

3) Egypt – Rail Construction Works: €300 million

  • Project Details: Although not strictly a European project, the European Central Bank is partially funding a railway line upgrade initiative in Egypt. The project encompasses upgrading the 54km Tanta-El Mansoura double-track railway section, doubling and upgrading of the 65km El Mansoura-Damietta single-track railway section, and the re-signaling of the entire 119km Tanta-El Mansoura-Damietta railway line.
  • Value: €300 million
  • Client: Egyptian National Railways
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Tender Deadline: 1 October 2023
  • Tender Language: English

4) UK – Housing Refurbishment Works: €397 million

  • Project Details: The Peabody Trust, London’s largest housing association, is seeking contractors for internal and external refurbishment of properties within its extensive portfolio. The project is divided into eight lots, comprising four for internal work and four for external work, each categorized by geographical area. Tasks range from insulation and asbestos removal to roof repair, central heating maintenance, and door and window installation.
  • Value: £340 million (€397 million)
  • Client: Peabody Trust
  • Duration: 10 years
  • Tender Deadline: 20 September 2023
  • Tender Language: English

5) Germany – Up to 50 Data Centers: €500 million

  • Project Details: DB Netz, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn responsible for the German rail system, is planning the construction of up to 50 identical data centers. This initiative, outlined in an indicative notice, precedes the anticipated contract notice slated for publication in October. The framework agreement encompasses the construction of data centers to bolster the German rail network.
  • Value: €500 million
  • Client: DB Netz
  • Estimated Contract Notice Publication Date: 17 October 2023
  • Tender Language: German

6) France – Underground and Overhead Electrical Networks: €537.5 million

  • Project Details: A contract, segmented into seven lots by geographical area, invites contractors to engage in overhead and underground electrical works and associated connections across four French departments: Alpes de Haute Provence, Hautes Alpes, Bouches du Rhône, and Vaucluse.
  • Value: €537.5 million
  • Client: Enedis
  • Duration: 60 months
  • Tender Deadline: 13 September 2023
  • Tender Language: French

7) Ireland – Dublin Rail Modernisation: €3 billion

  • Project Details: Irish Rail has unveiled its plans for a €3 billion rail service upgrade in the Greater Dublin Area (GDA). The DART+ program aims to expand the existing Dublin Area Rapid Transit (DART) network from 50km to 150km. The strategy involves introducing a new electrified fleet to enhance capacity, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and boost regional connectivity. Irish Rail is currently initiating a market consultation for potential construction partners, with work on DART+ West scheduled to commence in 2024.
  • Value: €3 billion

8) UK – Decommissioning Nuclear Waste: £3.8 billion – £4.6 billion (€4.4 billion – €5.4 billion)

  • Project Details: Sellafield Limited is seeking five partners across four lots to undertake nuclear decommissioning tasks across its Cumbria-based Sellafield site in England. The project encompasses a variety of activities, including construction delivery, demolition works, technical services (including safety case and design), and waste management. The project spans four distinct lots, each with its specific scope of work.
  • Value: £3.8 billion – £4.6 billion (€4.4 billion – €5.4 billion)
  • Client: Sellafield Limited
  • Duration: 15 years
  • Tender Deadline: 9 October 2023
  • Tender Language: English

These contract opportunities present a wide array of possibilities for contractors and companies interested in participating in various projects across Europe and the UK, ranging from construction and energy to transportation and waste management.