Aclaimant Improves AI Construction Safety and Risk Management

Aclaimant, an insight driven workflow platform for safety and risk management, has announced the launch of Aclaimant Insights, an artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive modeling solution designed to enhance the client experience by providing powerful suggestions and predictions, seamlessly incorporated into the Aclaimant experience.

As the pandemic carries on, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) continues to remind employers that worker safety remains top priority amid the virus and common workplace hazards. According to PWC, 47% of employees want organizations to change their workplace safety measures in order to feel comfortable at work. Aclaimant Insights will help arm employers and employees with the tools to enable every organization to more proactively manage risk and safety in their organization areas where workplace hazards may occur and actively seek to reduce them.

“The events of 2020 underscored the importance of workplace safety and proactive incident management. As the pandemic continues to create an ever-changing business risk environment, Aclaimant is in a position to continually drive our commitment in helping companies actively manage risk,” said David Wald, CEO. “Aclaimant Insights is our newest development to provide our customers with an enhanced understanding of every aspect of risk in their environment. Our holistic, data-driven approach will better equip organizations to prevent and identify risk and problem areas before they happen or escalate.”

The solution will provide organizations with the following features and benefits:

Enhanced risk evaluation and prevention: The Insights solution will seamlessly incorporate into the platform by using AI and predictive modeling to help organizations evaluate and understand every facet of risk in their environment, including safety, activities, incidents, and claims.
Data augmentation and predictive modeling: Through data augmentation, data cleansing, predictive modeling, and layered insights, organizations are provided with a holistic data-driven approach to actively managing and preventing risk that faces their industry.
Early Intervention: The solution’s identification of potential high impact events, claims, or changes enables teams to intervene earlier in processes to ensure issues are prevented and small claims do not become larger ones.
Work Prioritization Support: Through transparency and forecasting, the solution assists teams with prioritizing their workloads and ensures teams can focus on areas where they are making the greatest impacts or have the highest risk – a factor that’s more important than ever before in an ever-changing work environment.
Fraud or Outlier Identification: Aclaimant’s models help to easily spot, flag, and identify claims or activities that are outside of the norm for investigation around fraud or fraudulent activity in a more seamless manner.

By introducing Insights, Aclaimant continues to work alongside its customers to provide a solution that enables them to interpret data insights, identify areas of risk and provide actionable insights to prevent it.