4 Things To Consider When Choosing Hardwood Flooring

So, you’re looking for new ways to upgrade your house, and you’ve decided that your floor is the way to go. But do you truly understand what goes into choosing the perfect floor, specifically hardwood flooring? This article will provide you with points to consider when making that decision so that you can make the best possible choice for your home.

  1. Is It Family-Friendly?

If you happen to have a family, particularly young children, your hardwood floor choice is very important. Hardwood floors tend to be easily damaged, scratched, and often not very good when they come into contact with liquids. If you want to ensure that your choice of hardwood flooring is family-friendly, consider the points below:

  • Wood Color: The wood color you choose will influence the maintenance of your hardwood flooring. That’s why it’s essential to choose the right color for the family you have. Darker woods, like white oak, tend to show scratches more visibly, but they’re great when you don’t want to worry about minor stains too often. You can learn more about the benefits of white oak flooring in this post and many other resources online. In contrast, lighter woods tend to be bad with stains but can mask the appearance of scratches.
  • Wood Finish: The finish of the wood is also an important consideration in ensuring that your hardwood flooring meets your family’s requirements. Often, floors that have an oil finish happen to make scratches less noticeable. So, they can be a great choice if floor scratches are a concern at your home.
  1. Look At Your Home’s Aesthetics

Every home has a style unique to them, especially the ones constructed these days. So, it’s essential to consider how your floors will look together with every piece of furniture and decor in your home. To make sure that your hardwood flooring blends with your home’s aesthetics well, consider the following:

  • Grain pattern: The grain pattern of your floor refers to how the wood looks in terms of width. The type of wood being used can also influence it. Hardwood floors are really versatile and can vary from straight, curly to flat. The variety of styles today is endless, and you can pick depending on your personal style.
  • The overall look of your home: Also, consider which look you want for your house. Are you going for a modern-looking home or a more rustic or ‘distressed’ one?? The different types of wood flooring are beautiful, but they can change the look or feel in your house that you’re going for completely.
  1. Consider Your Budget

Hardwood floors can get really expensive, from the actual wood itself to the installation of the hardwood floors all the way to the maintenance. Therefore, it’s essential to consider how much you’re willing to fork out for that upgrade.

If you’re on a budget, there’s a great method that you can try. It’s the use of ‘reclaimed wood,’ which is basically just reusing wood. For instance, you can reuse wood from older buildings that no longer need it or reuse timber from old furniture that you don’t use anymore. That way, you can get them refurbished as floor planks/boards for your house.

However, you can get completely new hardwood flooring if money isn’t a problem. You’ll also be glad to know that some stores now offer a large variety of choices to choose from that won’t break your budget. It’s just a matter of exerting more time and effort searching for the right product for your need.

  1. Choose The Right Installation Method

One part of hardwood flooring that’s often overlooked is the installation method. It just so happens that certain installation methods work better than others, depending on the type of wood flooring you choose. Check out some of the most popular hardwood flooring installation methods below:

  • Nail/Stapling method: This works well on solid wood flooring and factory-engineered ones. Stapling ensures that the wood will be firmly set on the floor, making the hardwood flooring reliable and durable. So, whether you’re considering using solid, factory-engineered, or another type of wood flooring, you can rest assured that your floor will look good and feel durable.
  • Glue-down method: With this method, the wood is typically fitted and glued down to the floor. It provides the homeowner with the benefit of having affordable, durable, and great-sounding floors. The recommended wood flooring type to be used with this installation method is strip flooring. It’s a thinner type of wood usually taken from the top part of a tree’s trunk. This method also works well with factory-engineered wood flooring.
  • Floating method: This method is probably the most versatile one as it provides you with the freedom of easily installing the wood flooring It’s usually recommended for long strip wooden flooring, which has already been mentioned earlier. The floating method is also a great choice if you want room for add-ons, such as a floor heating system.

Enjoy The Journey 

Hardwood flooring in your home comes with benefits, such as being easy to clean and requiring low maintenance on top of being strong and durable and enhancing your crib’s look. Hopefully, this article has eased your journey into finding the perfect hardwood flooring for your property.