22 Bishopsgate is London’s latest super tower

The expertise and expanse of the UK’s structural steel industry will be on display yet again when 22 Bishopsgate is completed later this year. Apart from being a landmark in London, the tower will also display its might through the fastest lifts in Europe. Its 57th floor will be the highest public viewing platform on the continent. Standing tall at 278 meters, the building will offer a total workspace of 118,000m2 for all business sizes. It will have 12000 workers, a gym, an indoor market, cycle storage hub, an art gallery, and social spaces.

All these features and the fact that it is built on the remains of the previously stalled Pinnacle scheme makes 22 Bishopsgate extra special. The structure incorporates the below ground level of elements of Pinnacle scheme including three basement floors and a raft slab. Ground level and upwards is all steel-framed structure surrounding a large central core with minimal columns. As per Multiplex, who happens to be the main contractor, the final building will have 17,023 tons of steelwork and 14593 individual pieces of steel.

Designed by PLP Architecture, the structure presented challenges both in design and delivery. The design was full with super elevations as well as axial shortenings. Delivery was also restricted to only 2 access points, one of which was shared pit lane on Bishopsgate and the other an under shaft between 22 Bishopsgate and 122 Leadenhall. Despite all the hurdles, 22 Bishopsgate is all set to become a taller, faster and better option for Londoners soon.