Bentley, Topcon launch new company to help contractors go digital

Bentley Systems Inc. and Topcon Positioning Systems today launched a new joint venture company offering to help contractors digitalise their operations.

The new company, called Digital Construction Works (DCW), will have 50 staff drawn from the two shareholder companies, and plans to work with contractors utilising the software they are currently working with.

In charge of DCW is Ted Lamboo, as chief executive. Lamboo was previously senior vice president of strategic partnerships for Bentley Systems. Jason Hallett, formerly vice president of digital construction and business development for Topcon, is now DCW’s chief operating officer.

“No single tool company can, or should, own the entire construction process as that journey only leads to a lack of innovation,” said Jason Hallet.

He added: “We believe that open collaboration and a commitment to improving the industry are the primary requirements for step-function advancement in digital construction.” Harry Parnell, head of digital project delivery for Balfour Beatty, welcomed the move.

“We see the benefits of working with organisations such as DCW, whose position in the market as the only end-to-end construction solutions service provider brings us confidence in how our core business targets will be kept a priority throughout the entire project.

“Their ability to be agnostic to technology is also important. We know that a combination of technology and process improvement will provide us with the best digital solution and make sure that technology follows the operational process change efforts, but never leads it.

“The use of technology in silos throughout our organisation will never bring real operational, or industry change, but the use of technology with digital twin workflows and key operations processes in a focused and strategic effort will enable Balfour Beatty to reduce the gap between the office and the site continually.”

Announcing the new company today at Bentley’s Year in Infrastructure Conference in Singapore, Greg Bentley, chief executive of Bentley Systems, said people and processes need to be involved at all levels to take advantage of technology.

“We and Topcon have now in turn committed many of our best resources, professionals experienced in both construction and software, to serve shoulder-to-shoulder, in virtual hardhats, to innovatively advance the required digital integration.

“The Digital Construction Works joint venture has the full management and capital commitments of both our companies, multiplying its unique strengths for helping to realise constructioneering’s potential to close the world’s infrastructure gap.”