Asia’s Top 7 Must-Attend Construction Exhibitions in 2019

As in business, so in lives, construction and the technology involved in it have triggered staggering changes like never before. With the growing demand for quality building materials, the significance of standout exhibitions has become second to none. What really fascinates the most is the inclination of the top-notch companies to participate in exhibitions which are very exclusive to that segment.

Why Industry Specific Exhibitions?

  • They are an ideal platform to showcase a company’s strength to people that matter the most.
  • They are a great place to network with decision-makers having a like-minded approach to the industry.
  • A place where companies get to interact with the relevant target group whose feedback makes all the difference.
  • A perfect venue for the new product launch. Media always flocks over at places like these.
  • Possibilities of newer alliances are more in industry-specific exhibitions.

The Construction industry events that are all set to make headlines this 2019 are:

  1. R+T Asia
  2. Eco Build South East Asia 2019
  3. The BIG Show Oman
  4. Archidex
  5. Light Middle East
  6. Fenestration Bau China
  7. The BIG 5

1) R+T Asia
Period | 27th February to 01st March 2019
Location | Shanghai, China

R+T Asia is one of the leading professional trade fairs which has been making progress year after year. When it comes to roller shutters, doors, gates, and windows or even sun protection films, this fair has been making inroads in the B2B segment since the time it started in 2005. Because of the reputation it holds of being influential in the APAC as well as global markets, it will be only fair to say that R+T Asia is one of the most sought after & awaited trade fairs.

Spread over an area of 50,000 square meters, last year the fair hosted more than 34000 professional visitors. Not only that, with 507 exhibitors from 19 countries, the platform it created for both buyers and sellers was nothing less than exceptional. The most important feature of this trade fair is the presence of powerful global trade associations and special delegations which helps build a great network for the people exhibiting their products as well as the ones coming as visitors.

This year too, the trade fair is expected to break all the previous records as there are several companies who would be participating in it for the first time ever. Additionally, just like it’s previous editions, equivalent focus will be laid on summits as well as educational programs during the course of 3 days.

2) Eco Build South East Asia 2019
Period | 19th March to 21st March 2019
Location | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Eco Build South East Asia is a part of the Asean Super 8 which provides a platform to players from Building Materials & Completion, Aggregates, Concrete, Interior Design, Roofing Systems, Building Services, and Management. It is the largest regional mega event for the built environment industry and attracts visitors from across the world. What’s more is that the people who come in get to interact with key decision makers from the industry and thus it adds value to their outlook towards learning something exclusive. To be held at Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Center (MITEC), the exhibition this year is bound to set a new benchmark because of the scale of the event. Time and again, Eco Build South East Asia has proven to be a place where one can look forward to having excellent networking as well as gain knowledge via innovative techniques and products. With the participation of 177 exhibitors from 14 countries last year, the trade show provided a great opportunity to the local players to build partnerships and share exciting ideas. Needless to say, The ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) countries have indeed given a platform via Eco Build SEA to the local and global buyers to source and sell quality products and technology in Building and Construction category.

3) The BIG Show Oman
Period | 25th March to 27th March 2019
Location | Muscat, Oman

The BIG Show Oman is the biggest Building, Construction and Interior Design exhibition held in Oman. Various exhibitors from Steel, Concrete, Cement, Building Material etc. happen to be a part of this mega event. The significance of this event in the region can be gauged from the fact that 406 exhibitors from 19 countries participated in its last year. The exhibition had more than 18,000 quality visitors over a period of 4 days. This year again, the event is all set to attract major players from the global arena who look forward to creating a foothold in the Oman and MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. In no doubt, there is a lot of potential and exposure for local and international players from infrastructure and its ancillaries that the region has in the offing and a platform like The BIG Show Oman provides that matchless experience. For visitors, the product and technology know-how make all the difference as they get to gather a lot of information from participating brands and their representatives. In all fairness, The BIG Show Oman has become one of the most awaited exhibitions of the region because of its ability to provide quality leads and conversions.

4) Archidex
Period | 03rd to 06th July 2019
Location | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Since its inception in 2000, Archidex has continuously been one of the most preferred exhibitions which takes place in the Building, International Architecture, and Interior Design arena. The exhibition has a mix of attendees ranging from architects and interior designers to engineers and academicians to urban planners and developers etc.

Being a decade old exhibition, Archidex is well versed with the aspirations of its exhibitors and helps ease the bilateral trade between organizations. Archidex is also known to be a platform for young talents who look forward to showcasing their designs amidst some really experienced and quality organizations. The exhibitors who stand out when it comes to their offerings are also felicitated here.

So, if you are looking to get upgraded and updated, Archidex is the place to be.

5) Light Middle East
Period | 15th October to 17th October 2019
Location | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This is a humungous event that caters to the requirements of the Middle East for lighting, design, and technology. Last year the trade fair had 333 exhibitors from 30 countries. This exhibition provides a broad spectrum of the latest lighting products and has hence become a platform for decorative, architectural, outdoor and indoor lighting solutions. The visitors get to see a lot of innovation taking place within the industry. The need for quality innovation has a huge demand in any sector and that is pretty evident from the long list of visitors who eagerly await the start of the fair.

The fair is a haven for designers and consultants from the real estate sector as they get to see an array of products that are technologically very superior. The exhibitors from decorative lighting and accessories in 2018 saw a marked increase vis-à-vis 2017. No wonder the acceptability of such to the point exhibitions have increased manifold among the exhibitors and visitors both.

6) Fenestration Bau China
Period | 05th November to 08th November 2019
Location | Shanghai, China

Fenestration Bau China is one of the most professional & largest exhibitions in the construction industry in Asia. With an experience of 16 years, the fair has a portfolio of almost 650 exhibitors from China and other global markets. It was host to almost 100,000 quality visitors from across the world last year and this time too it is going to be no different.

It is well to be noted that the number of visitors are increasing significantly and so is space where the exhibition gets conducted. As far as infrastructure is concerned, 115,000 square meters of an area is allocated for the entire exhibition making it one of the most coveted fairs to be a part of. Of all the exhibitions that happen, FBC is the place where one can get a hint of the development which is taking place in the Asian market.

In addition to the number of exhibitors which line up for the event, a visitor can also get benefited from the diverse and unique supporting program that provides information on the latest trends on the development taking place in the market. The supporting program is run in the vicinity of the exhibition itself.

7) The BIG 5
Period | 25th November to 28th November 2019
Location | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The BIG 5, is the largest construction event of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region. A lot of infrastructural development has been taking place across this region which furthermore adds to the importance of such a huge platform. The fair focuses on Interiors, Building Material, Technology and Innovation, Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing and Special Construction. With a total exhibition space of almost 110,000 square meters and exhibitors from 140 countries, this trade fair has already garnered the attention of a lot of celebrated organizations from across the world.

A couple of attributes that make this event a stand out is:

  • It is a perfect place to connect and upgrade for the visitors and exhibitors from all the regions.
  • Product research becomes easy because of the number of exhibitors coming in.

With many contracts which have been provided and many more which are still in the pipeline, this platform is a great opportunity for International exhibitors to showcase their products and services. The BIG 5 is no different from other world-class exhibitions when it comes to emphasis on education and seminars. Knowledge is imparted by industry stalwarts during the span of the event. The BIG 5 stretches to Africa too eyeing the opportunities which are available in that part of the world.

In Asia, apart from the UAE, The BIG 5 is also held in Saudi Arabia and India.

The BIG 5 Saudi
Period | 10th March to 13th March 2019
Location | Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Being one of the most prominent construction events of Saudi Arabia, this trade fair specializes in the same line of products and services as The BIG 5 Dubai. This event features the world’s most prominent companies that are inclined to doing business in the region.

The BIG 5 India
Period | 5th September to 7th September 2019
Location | Mumbai, India

This trade fair has been into existence since 2013 and has been regarded as a very important platform for building and construction channels that want to harness the growing Indian, Middle Eastern and South East Asian Markets.


The events and exhibitions listed above are not in order of any preference. They are listed as per the pick of editors from World Construction Today and do not imply to discourage any event or its organizers.