Complimentary report on Current & Future Trends in Middle East MEP Sector

JUST OUT! IQPC Middle East have unveiled a survey report on the Current & Future Trends in Middle East MEP Sector. This study was devised after remaining in contact with ‐ and identifying key issues from ‐ some of the key MEP contractors, consultants, project managers as well as regional officials from governments and utilities companies.

Your link to download this report FREE OF CHARGE is:

This report covers essential areas and answers important questions with regards to the trends in our industry, such as:

• Top challenges with direct relation to MEP services in the Gulf region’s construction industry

• Preferred countries to source MEP technologies and solutions into the region

• Perception of Qatar’s potential market growth as a result of its win for the 2022 FIFA World Cup

• Is BIM software a “must have” to speed up projects and cut costs?

• Projects considered as ‘most interesting’, or preferred to work for in the Middle East

• Cost-effective sustainable MEP solutions

• Use of grey water systems in buildings in the Middle East