WiMi Hologram Cloud Builds Super Intelligent Network System for 6G Holographic Smart City

WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc., a leading global Hologram Augmented Reality Technology provider, announced the construction of a holographic super intelligent network system that integrates 6G and artificial intelligence technologies to promote holographic digital sensing, complete quantitative aggregation, refined control, smart execution, and integrated services in urban governance.

The system provides a solid data foundation for artificial intelligence processing and analysis by collecting massive amounts of data generated by terminals and high-performance data transmission through 6G high-speed, dedicated information channels. The system utilizes artificial intelligence technology to sense more multi-dimensional and comprehensive data and enhance the speed of data transmission and processing. The system can improve city management and services across the board through remote data interaction. The system can collect multi-source and multi-dimensional data, such as urban traffic and public safety. It enables intelligent real-time monitoring and analysis, deployment of urban resources, early warning of abnormal conditions, and holographic digital management of the natural and urban environment. It can also collect information from the periphery of the vehicle and other vehicles to obtain massive amounts of data and provide autonomous driving services after intelligent vehicle analysis and decision-making. The super intelligent network system thus allows the AI to think quickly and smartly.

The system builds a super intelligent unified digital twin city model. It applies forward 3D modeling, 3D tilt photography, and point cloud holographic scanning to improve CIM spatial holographic information of roads and underground pipeline networks and BIM of important buildings. With database construction and IoT technology combined, the system can realize the organic integration of various types of urban spatial holographic information, build a full-factor, high-precision, fine-grained digital city holographic multi-dimensional map, and realize real-time quantitative analysis, prediction and early warning, and holographic dynamic display of the region’s comprehensive overview, project construction, comprehensive social governance, government services, emergency management, and other region-wide operational status. The system can form a holographic urban digital twin board that can be perceived in real time through analysis and processing of images, videos, events, and other data, including data aggregation, analysis and mining, scene governance, cleaning, unified coding, and spatiotemporal model matching.

The system is also based on OpenStack/Kubernetes and other open-source frameworks that can be used directly for in-depth optimization, development, and construction. It provides open and standard protocol interfaces to encourage secondary development by users, building a sustainable urban holographic digital ecology and forming a full-stack, full-service service capability around IaaS, PaaS, DaaS, and SaaS, with super intelligent integrated service capabilities that are easy to manage, operate and maintain.

WiMi believes that a city’s healthy and stable operation depends not only on the system itself but also on a series of urban management activities and decisions that need to be supported by a large amount of data. The infrastructure data, public sentiment data, public safety data, government effectiveness data, resource coordination, and economic monitoring data generated in the operation of the city are scattered all over the place, and a large amount of data resources have been accumulated with the development of intelligent information technology. Therefore, WiMi will continue to promote the further development of holographic intelligent cities through the combination of 6G high-speed, dedicated information channels, spatiotemporal framework-based city-level multi-source data fusion, full-stack AI intelligent collaborative response, knowledge management, and in-depth digging of massive data, global information insight and open industrial ecosystem.