UWT China 2014 on the way to impove utilization of water resources in China

In order to improve the development & utilization of water resources National Engineering Research Center(South) of Urban Water Resources with other associations in China will be hosting UWT China 2014 in Sept 2014.

The  regulation  on  urban  drainage  and  wastewater treatment  have  been  implemented  on  2nd  October 2013,  which  became  a  social  issue  because  it  is not  only  related  to  the  development of urban water drainage and wastewater treatment industry, but also closely linked to the prevention of storm water and people`s livelihood. Therefore, Hosted by National Engineering Research Center(South) of Urban Water Resources,  UWT  China  2014  with the theme  of  water and sustainable development would be grandly held in SNIEC (Shanghai New International Trade Fair Center) on Sept.3-,2014, in order to improve the development and utilization of water  resources  and further romote the new product and technology of urban water drainage and wastewater treatment industry. UWT China 2014 will showcase the latest products and technology to provide a high-end trade platform.

Hosted by:


National Engineering Research Center(South) of Urban Water Resources

China Construction Metal Structure Association Water Equipment Branch

China Promotion of International Trade Council Shanghai Pudong Branch

National Real Estate Club of Chief Engineer

Shanghai Zhanye Exhibition Co Ltd

Organized by:

Shanghai Zhanye Exhibition Co., Ltd

Co-organized by:

World Plumbing Council

Rainwater Harvesting Association of Australia

The Institute of Plumbing &Heating Engineering-Hong Kong Council

East China Water & Wastewater Technical Information Network

Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of Urban Stormwater System and Water Environment

Exhibit profile:

• Water supply system

• Water Drainage system

• Wastewater Treatment system

• water purification system

• Rainwater harvesting and utilization

• Pumps /Valves/meter &Accessories

• Pipe &Fittings

• Fountain\swimming pool equipments

• Solar-building integration System

• Fire protection system

• Others

Visitor profile:

Government sectors(People in charge of management office of water supply and water drainage, municipal administration, sewage treatment management office, water saving management office, drainage monitoring station)

Municipal administration and building design institutes

Water supply companies & water affairs groups, water supply plants

Water treatment engineering companies

Sewage treatment plants

Agents, dealers, merchants

Research and design institutes

Business consulting companies

Why UWT China2014?

Chinese  government  will  spend  RMB  410  Billion  to  improve  the  urban  water  supply  and drainage  system  during the twelfth five-year(2011-2015). Water treatment  industry  in  China  has  a large potential market. Therefore, UWT China 2014 is your best choice to expand china business.
New water plants     23%
Reconstruction of water plants 11%
New municipal pipeline networks   45%
Reconstruction of pipeline networks 21%

Concurrent Events:

Urban Water Resources Summit 2014
Main topics,
— Global trends of rainwater harvesting and utilization
–Trends of technology development of wastewater treatment
— The technology of drinking water treatment
–Seminar of the design of municipal pipe
–Analysis of secondary water supply infrastructure improvement in urban area
–Super high-rise building water supply and drainage technology
–The solar energy and the building integration development trend analysis
–The same-floor drainage technology application
–New products and the new technology seminar on the swimming pool & spa 
–Building Fire Protection Seminar 
–Comprehensive energy saving analysis of municipal supply and drainage system

The leaders and Speakers(increasing)
Zhang Yue— Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of P.R.C
Yuliang Gu— National Engineering Research (South) of Urban Water Resources
Mingqun Meng –Shanghai Water Supply Management Division
Yingxia Xie— China Academy of Urban Planning& Design
Zhang Chen— Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute (Group) Co., Ltd
Li Zhao-China Institute of Architecture Design / Architectural Design Institute
Naiyun Gao- Tongji College of Environmental Science and Engineering; Professor (PHD)
CHE WU-Ministry of Education Key laboratory of Urban Stormwater System and Water Environment
Mingjiu  Hua–Water  Supply  and  Drainage  Equipment  Branch  of  China  Construction  Metal  Structure Association
Yunfei Shi–National Real Estate Chief Club of China Engineer
Zhao Lijun—Guangzhou Design Institute
Wenyuan Jiang—CCDI
Zhuhua Tang–Shanghai Fire Research Institute
Xiaoming Zheng–China Urban Construction Design & Research Institute; 
Colin Nash—Australian Rainwater Harvesting Association 
The industry experts coming from Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States etc.

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