Ultrapure Technology Add to Modular Cleanrooms Components Catalogue

Specialists within the field of cleanroom design and installation, Ultrapure Technology have announced recently that are upgrading their catalogue to include some of the latest components for high efficiency modular cleanrooms. These new catalogue additions are designed to ensure that clients have access to the very latest systems entering the market, and will further the company’s burgeoning reputation within the nationwide cleanroom construction industry.

Clients choose the services of Ultrapure Technology because they understand that the organization has the ability to provide a swift resolution to their cleanroom design and installation requirements. With the recent additions to the company’s core catalogue, Ultrapure Technology is extending the company’s ability to equip clientele with leading-class cleanroom equipment.

Clients may wish to consider for example the range of items within company’s update catalogue of cleanroom doors. One such example is the Porta-King. This expertly constructed product features heavy-duty framework that is mechanically fastened together to create a highly durable and lightweight door leaf. For superior door strength, this product features connecting posts on either side, which lock into the door mechanism and provide rigid opening and closing control to assure an air-tight environment. The product also features an anodized clear satin finish that includes a lower panel insert which is designed to match the interior and exterior of the wall surfaces.

For those companies that are looking to update their modular cleanrooms with a product that is purpose built for quick and easy installation, the Simplex door style from Ultrapure Technology might be the requisite product. The Simplex comes replete in a broad array of styles such as bi-folding curtain, strip door and sliding doors and is pre-hung in a frame to provide seamless, expedited installation for companies that have immediate requirements for a professionally constructed exterior cleanroom environment.

These are just an example of the new products available now within the updated Ultrapure Technology catalogue. Clients will surely find the requisite product to meet their immediate cleanroom needs by turning to the specialist designers and installers at this industry-leading organization. To review the company’s current product selection, please visit their website at www.ultrapuretechnology.com.