Trimble WorksOS Designed to Tie in Project Software

Trimble WorkOS is a cloud-based operating system designed to integrate all data for specific construction projects. It will connect via telemetry vehicles, equipment, people, and tasks in order to manage uptime on the site.

The operating system is a Software-as-a-Service system, otherwise known as SaaS, and will integrate estimating, scheduling, designs and field data such as that from equipment. The company said it will “deliver connected workflows across the entire construction lifecycle.”

“We understand the interdependencies of the solutions our customers require to be successful across all phases of construction,” said Mark Schwartz, VP, in a prepared statement. “Creating a new operating system that supports the job site’s basic functions, such as combining simple

task management with job site productivity, can enable project managers to maximize overall project efficiency.”

Currently, site supervisors and project managers jump between multiple systems to keep track of daily production quantities, labor/equipment hours, and equipment maintenance schedules. In spite of using all of these systems, they still do not have real-time visibility into progress on the job site and its impact on schedule/cost, according to Trimble. WorksOS allows users to log into a single application to view real-time visibility of cut, fill, volume, and compaction data.

Trimble WorksOS will integrate Trimble Business Center, Trimble WorksManager, Trimble Siteworks Positioning System, Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform, and Trimble Pulse Fleet and Equipment Management Software.Currently in beta testing, the system will be available late in the 2020. Users interested in participating in the beta program can visit Works.