Social Media Helps the Construction Industry

FedGenius, a federal marketing product and service firm will delegate a social media campaign promoting federal industry professionals to interact through social media allowing participants to win give-a-ways and discounts on federal marketing tools and services.

The social media campaign will begin Jan. 17 and end Jan 19. The campaign will encourage construction professionals to engage in social media by taking part in simple social media exercises. Participants will be rewarded with free federal construction reports, free consultation and discounted federal marketing smart tools. The campaign is open to the public, directly benefiting construction and architecture professionals.

“Many big companies are already utilizing social media in some shape or form, there are things companies in the construction industry can do to be industry leaders online as well as in business,” Industry Leaders Magazine said.

FedGenius engages in social media activity daily using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These three websites has been the vehicles used to create online presence and attract web traffic to the FedGenius website “

If a company likes the FedGenius fan page on, they will have access to discounted federal marketing smart tools such as: Federal Construction Forecast Reports, Federal Infrastructure Forecast Report, Proposal Toolbox templates, proposals writing services and consultation. Products are available to purchase and download online at

These products are relevant for any professional who works within the federal market and to those who bid federal work. Members who have a Twitter account can participate by simply requesting to follow FedGenius and retweeting a tweet. The campaign is also open up to people who have a Linkedin account. Participants can simply connect with FedGenius on LinkedIn to win prizes.

“The social media campaign is a fun and interactive way to e-network in the industry as well as take part in free giveaways,” Marketing Coordinator, Victoria Nguyen said.” “Using social media helps companies connect with their customers, clients and even other companies on a personal and interactive level. Social media allows companies to put faces behind names and discover personalities and common interests.

According to, there are six benefits companies can gain from using social media. Companies are able to build their brand, manage their online reputation, generate fresh leads, compete with industry leaders fairly, provide an open forum for customer service/feedback and create an online classroom that educate people about a company.