ACISCO Promotes Modern Conference Room Furniture with Optional Modular Stations

The Associated Corporate and Institutional Services Company (ACISCO) is currently spotlighting its selection of modular conference room furniture, available online at

An asset for business owners interested in partitioning their office spaces without plaster and sheetrock construction, ACISCO’s selection of modular cubicles and conference sets joins the company’s array of cafeteria, training, school, healthcare, and reception room furniture.

ACISCO maintains relationships with many of North America’s leading manufacturers of systems furniture, affording the company access to a nearly endless selection of modular workstations and conference setups, incorporating traditional, modern, and exotic design themes. After determining a client’s size, style, and material preferences, ACISCO is able to secure the manufacture of a product matching those exact specifications, with a rapid turnaround time made possible by the conference room furniture provider’s close manufacturer relationships.

Offering office seating, tables, credenzas, and media boards, ACISCO further optimizes its conference room furniture with optional tabletop voice, data, and power modules for a fully-featured setup.

A popular option for business owners looking for traditional-style conference room furniture, the ACISCO FCO_016 is a circular meeting table sporting an embellished wooden surface. On the modern side, the FCO_036 wooden table boasts a unique, wavy shape and three bold pillars in black. The FCO_99 features a more compact setup, making it easy to incorporate into any of the company’s semi-private or floor to ceiling modular workstations.

Ideal for managerial spaces and conference rooms, ACISCO’s modular stations can be configured to suit many different needs. For example, components from a set of open modular cubicles could easily be built up to form semi-private enclosures for managers and supervisors. From there, the semi-private space could be configured into a floor to ceiling unit to house conference room furniture, storage, or other furnishings.

In addition to their flexibility, ACISCO’s modular workstations offer the advantage of facilitating plaster- and sheetrock-free construction; with modular stations, business owners can define and partition work areas without making any permanent changes to their space. This is a particular asset for businesses whose needs are likely to change over time, in addition to companies that lease their office spaces and are unable to implement permanent construction.