Rabine Group Exhibits and Speaks at ICSC RetailGreen Conference & Trade Expo

Rabine Paving America  and Roofing Solutions America  exhibited at the ICSC RetailGreen Conference and Trade Exposition this week in Phoenix, AZ. The show began November 29th and ended the 30th. It was at the JW Marriot Desert Ridge Resort & Spa. The expo focused on sustainability in the retail industry for real estate. The conference was designed to provide insight to owners and retailers on how they can take sustainability actions so properties can become more successful now and valuable in the future. Featured topics at the ICSC RetailGreen Conference included green leases, tenant energy efficiency, alternatives in lighting, LEED for retail, carbon footprint analysis and power purchase agreements.

Along with exhibiting, the Rabine Group had two roundtable speakers at the conference. Dan Kissee, Director of the Certified Partner Alliance and Ryan Laughlin, Senior Vice President of Global Engineering, were members of a roundtable on November 29th. They spoke about being greener when making paving decisions for commercial and residential paving.

Rabine Paving America displayed its innovative sustainable services such as UltraLot® Whitetopping and pervious pavements. UltraLot® Whitetopping is the trademarked process of overlaying concrete on top of asphalt. It allows for a longer life expectancy, reduces maintenance costs, helps gain LEED credits, is recyclable, reduces light costs and reduces heat island effect. Pervious pavements are concrete or asphalt mixtures that allow water to drain directly through the pavement. It absorbs storm water runoff, purifies water before it enters the ground and reduces the need for water treatment plants.

Roofing Solutions America’s green services were also on display. RSA offers green roofing, vegetative roofing, cool efficient membranes, energy efficient membranes, solar panel integration, LEED certification consultation and installation upgrades.

These services lower heating and cooling costs, reduce urban “heat island effect,” increase life expectancy and help gain LEED credit.

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