Palace of Versailles receives vibration protection from Austria

Buers/Versailles. In autumn, Getzner Werkstoffe installed a vibration protection solution in the new auditorium on the top floor of the Palace of Versailles. The pillars of the galleries now stand on roughly 270 Sylodyn® and Sylomer® point bearings, protecting the adjacent rooms against vibrations and noise.

The 350 year old Palace of Versailles near Paris has an auditorium located on the top floor.In order to protect the surrounding rooms from vibrations and noise and to improve the acoustics in the auditorium itself, Getzner installed a vibration protection solution made from Sylomer® and Sylodyn®. The pillars supporting the galleries were mounted on approximately 270 point bearings.

Getzner not only supplied the materials, but also supervised their installation on-site. “We had a very short time frame for delivery and installation of the elastic bearings – from placing the order with Getzner until completing the

installation took just two weeks. The precise calculations carried out by Getzner in advance allowed for optimum planning of the project and installation on time,” explains Manuel De Faria, Site Manager for the client Paris Charpente.

Comprehensive range of materials enables homogeneous vibration protection  Various materials and bearing types were used to enable flexible adaptation of the sound control to the different on-site conditions. This allowed homogeneous noise insulation values to be achieved across the entire installation area.

“The wide range of different material types that can be used flexibly depending on the requirements sets us apart from the competition.The effectiveness and long service life of our products has been proven time and time again,” reports Cédric Le Chevillier, Construction Account Manager at Getzner France.

Palace of Versailles fact box:
Location                : Versailles, France
Vibration isolation   : Getzner France SAS
Client/contractor     : Paris Charpente
Solution                : approx. 270 (12.5 m2) Sylodyn and Sylomer point bearings (installation height: 75 mm)
Installation            : September 2015

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