Nashville Garage Door Specialist Urges Homeowners to Upgrade to Insulated Garage Doors

Have you ever wondered why it gets so hot or cold in your garage during extreme temperatures? Nashville garage door expert, Aaron Moore says it is because your garage door is not insulated. Aaron Moore owns Aarons Door Service in Nashville, TN ( with offices in Nashville, Lebanon, Franklin and other cities in the Middle Tennessee region.

Moore said most homeowners use their garages to store more than their cars but it is surprising that most homes built today lack insulated garage doors.

“Homeowners should consider upgrading their doors to insulated garage doors. It is surprising to me how you see a home and you think they should have insulated garage doors but they do not, even the so-called custom-built homes,” he said this week in Nashville, TN. Moore said there are many benefits to insulated garage doors.

“Insulating your garage door or replacing it with a new insulated garage door can be beneficial in many ways. Many people keep their pets in the garage. I have seen other people with greenhouses and other gardening. Others have workshops or businesses in their garage. Having an insulated garage door will make the garage more comfortable,” the garage door expert said.

He said the new three-layered insulated garage door models are more durable than standard doors. “Another reason for replacing your garage door with a three layered model is durability. With a three-layered garage door, you have a durable steel skin on the inside of the door. I have seen garage doors that children, pets and even trapped wild animal have ripped to shreds,” he added.

Moore said insulated garage doors are also less noisy and reduce the effects of outdoor noises. “Insulated garage doors are less noisy. Non-insulated garage doors have what we call the tin can effect. They creek and pop and these noises are amplified by the hollow cavity of the garage door. With an insulated garage door, these noises are eliminated due to the insulation and the added rigidity of having the extra layer of steel,” he said.

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