Lighting Days in a new context: New dates and a new venue for The French lighting and LED technology event!

In the context of the International Day of Light, the Lighting Days, held from February 13th to 15th, 2019 at Eurexpo in Lyon, France, will be hallmarked by innovation with new dates, a new venue and a new context – a “must” for everyone involved in French lighting and LED technology markets.

Very recently included in the GL events Exhibitions Building-Wood-Energies department, Lighting Days is changing to provide the latest solutions meeting market challenges and customer expectations. Now, Lighting Days is next to the event BePOSITIVE, which is reflecting energy and digital transitions for buildings and regions.

In perfect complementarity on a certain number of subjects such as IoT (the Internet of Things), energy saving, urban development, Smart Lighting, Smart Buildings and Smart Cities, the “pulling power” of these 2 major events will give visibility to each other and benefit from the arrival of top quality qualified professionals to BePOSITIVE such as local public authorities, specifiers, installers and distributors.

Florence Mompo – Building Wood Energies Department Manager
“We are delighted that the leading French lighting event is joining our department. Holding Lighting Days and the energy and digital transition show BePOSITIVE together means we can propose a single richer and more targeted gathering focused on marketing energy performance, IoT, Smart Lighting and Smart Building to energy, building and lighting sector professionals.

There are a host of synergies between these sectors and the complementarity of these 2 events is a fantastic opportunity for market development.”

In 2017 LIGHTING DAYS federated the 3 leading lighting and LED technology events in France – Forum LumiVille, Full LED Expo and ForumLED Europe.

For 2019 it has changed to become France’s unique event dedicated to the Technologies, Applications and Uses of Light.

This international event is centred on global indoor, outdoor lighting and LED technology solutions including finished products, components and technologies.

A unique forum for Urban and Building Lighting and LED technology, Lighting Days 2019 is a 3-day Show hosting every profession interested in these topics including the professionals concerned with these subjects such as Town and Country public authorities, Light designers, Architect & Engineering and Design departments, Specifiers, Distributors and Contractors. In addition to the Exhibition space, exhibitors and visitors can attend ForumLED Europe, an International Congress dedicated to LED technology, participate in a conference programme focused on indoor and outdoor lighting and take part in a contest rewarding innovation in a friendly ambience ideal for discussions and business.

Lyon, City of Light

The recognition of Lyon’s well-developed light plan led to the creation of the International Cities of Light network, LUCI. Today, Lyon exports its know-how internationally backed by French light artists and designers who illuminate monuments and public spaces in Europe and all over the world.

Today the Light Sector is a major vector for regional development. Already recognised throughout the world for the exemplary way it highlights its heritage, the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region not only makes lighting a key factor in making local sites more attractive but also a key factor in its economic development.

In fact, the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region already possesses many levels of skills in the lighting sector. Around Lyon alone there are over 300 dynamic and innovating companies in industry, engineering and R&D, light designers, contractors, distributors and consultants employing approximately 10,000 people*. Lighting design is a force here and regional know-how is recognised internationally. Many regional research laboratories specialising in lighting are also recognized internationally.

The region is the second busiest in France for lighting equipment installation.

AN EVENT IN PHASE WITH TRENDS IN THE LIGHTING MARKET. TOWARDS TOMORROW’S WORLD LEDs have already radically changed the lighting ecosystem. And this technological break-through carries the seeds of a much more major transformation – new generations of connected, hybrid and intelligent lights controlled by digital systems.

Smart Lighting is revolutionising lighting in cities, buildings and homes. As a result, software is replacing hardware, opening the way for the majors in electronics and digitally-oriented start-ups.

In France, annual public lighting budgets are around 2 billion euros and indoor lighting budgets are approximately 540 million euros (not including restoration works and consumer spending).

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May 16th, 2018. UNESCO proclaimed the 1st Day of Light

Following the International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies in 2015, the Executive Council of UNESCO – the United Nations Organization for education, science and culture – approved an Annual International Day of Light.

The Day’s aim is to focus attention on the part light plays in the life of the citizens of the world in the fields of science, culture, education and sustainable development. An official launch ceremony was recently held at UNESCO’s head office in Paris.