Jeddah sewage crisis prompts $14.7m of projects

A sewage problem in Jeddah which has seen wastewater running and pooling in various residential districts and streets has prompted local authorities to announce several drainage projects to address the issue – including two in Al-Haramain and Al-Jaweed worth a total of $14.7m (SAR 55m).

Jeddah’s mayoralty and National Water Company (NWC) sources told the Saudi Gazette that 10 contracts have been signed to tackle the problem, which has resulted in drainage works starting in 18 difference city districts.

At a meeting of senior officials at his office, Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, Emir of Makkah region, ordered quick action to solve the city’s sewage problem and emphasised the need for work to be completed quickly.

He also said that priority must be given to the worst-affected districts, with  Al-Haramain, Al-Jaweed and Harazat requiring immediate attention.

“The committee is working to facilitate the government procedures to ensure quick implementation of the projects after dividing them into three phases – urgent, starting after nine months, and starting after one year,” he said.

He added that the schedule for addressing the problem of water overflow will be approved within two weeks.

The meeting was also attended by Jeddah Governor Prince Mishal Bin Majed, Mayor Hani Abu Ras, and National Water Company CEO Dr Luay Al-Musallam.