Inertia Systems Announces New Intelligent Construction Drawings Technology

Inertia Systems, a location-driven construction management platform, announced the launch of its patent-pending Intelligent Construction Drawings (ICD) technology that for the first time enables proactive, data driven, and connected smart construction drawings to mitigate mistakes throughout the construction process and improve job site productivity.

Advances in construction have offered solutions like augmented reality, 3D building, drones, and robots that are completely changing the industry. However, despite more jobsite technology available now than ever before, working with construction drawings has remained a manual and inconsistent process. Typically conducted through static PDF documents, on-site project teams can waste hours each week manually adjusting individual sheets or objects within a construction drawing, with guesswork often leading to avoidable mistakes that cost teams both time and money.

Inertia’s ICD technology leverages the power of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in a new way to grant construction teams a more powerful way to access and manage information throughout the complete construction process. This new technology analyzes construction documentation and data to produce high-fidelity object-linked smart construction sheets, allowing users to assign records to items, rather than areas. By creating these smart objects and self-aware visualization, high-value construction sheets are delivered to the field without the need for 3D modeling, enabling construction teams to implement smarter, faster decision making. Inertia’s ICD facilitates the intersection of data, workflow, and teams while democratizing information across the jobsite. Combining data, information, and daily activities together to become any given project’s Common Data Environment (CDE), ICD provides all stakeholders both timely and instant access to information, data, updates, and more.

“We heard from our customers that the manual process of construction drawings was a near-constant pain point for construction teams and leads, so our goal for ICD was to give stakeholders access to job-specific information and interactivity that has never existed before,” said Matthew Hudelson, Inertia Systems CEO and Founder. “Inertia’s ICD technology leverages BIM to its full potential while enabling builders to create better construction projects and identify problems before the building even begins. By continuously adding data throughout the construction process, ICD allows for even more precise project management, handoff, and facilities management, saving construction teams time and money.”

ICD will provide instant value to project teams by connecting field users through interactive drawings, allowing for better jobsite visibility, productivity tracking, and quality control. This release increases core mapping technology and object orientated approaches, deeply tying together building design to facilities management.

Inertia’s ICD technology has been built into its current subscription model and is available now. Inertia Systems is already used by dozens of owners and general contractors throughout healthcare, education, and sports and entertainment, contributing to successful builds such as Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford, Scripps Prebys Cardiovascular Institute, Sutter Health California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) Van Ness Campus Hospital and a major NFL stadium. Inertia Systems customers include several leading and top 20 contractors on ENR’s 2020 top contractors, such as Turner Co and McCarthy.

About Inertia Systems
Inertia Systems is a location-driven construction management platform that fosters seamless communication throughout complex projects, connecting construction teams from field to office on a visual and location centric platform. Built for the biggest pain points of the construction process, Inertia offers solutions for project management, quality management, performance management, and compliance management. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in southern California, Inertia is led by experienced technology founders and executives, and aims to empower frictionless construction, and inspire innovation on every jobsite around the world. For more information, visit