Hitor Group to Form a New Division for Home Construction

Hitor Group, Inc. is scheduling a meeting in Hamburg, Germany with the manufacturers of the Nano-Jet product. The directors of The Hitor group will also discuss the forming of a new division and the assembling of a factory in Germany. This new division will be Hitor Construction. Hitor Construction’s goal will be focusing on inexpensive, high quality construction for third world and underprivileged regions. Disaster areas such as earthquake, hurricane and flooding zones could be built up rapidly using the prefabricated homes; two people could easily build a home in one day.

Hitor Group CEO Ken Martin said, “These are not temporary homes they would be permanent structures that can be finished with materials just like we use in the neighborhoods we are more familiar with.”

About Hitor Group:
Hitor Group, Inc. (HITR) is the sole owner and producer of the patented Nano-Jet line of magnetic fuel performance enhancing Modules. Nano-Jet offers the most highly refined and effective fuel performance enhancement technology available in the market today. Nano-Jet’s proprietary design breaks down the molecular clusters which naturally exist in the fuel into single molecules and polarizes those molecules to enable a more complete combustion of the fuel/air mix. Extensive testing of the line of Nano-Jet models on a variety of gasoline and diesel engines has conclusively proven that fuel treated by these fuel performance optimizing devices produces measurably more power, increases fuel economy by an average of 5% or more and reduces toxic exhaust emissions 30% or more.

The Nano-Jet Fuel Module is suitable for use with a wide variety of internal combustion power plants from the smallest single cylinder gasoline engine to diesel railroad locomotives and marine diesels.