Collaborating with suppliers for BIM: Bouygues construction & dabim sign a partnership agreemnet

On the occasion of the BIM World 2016 trade exhibition, Bouygues Construction and the start-up datBIM announce the signature of a three-year partnership agreement intended to allow them to pool their work on the development of structured access by users of BIM (Building Information Modelling) to the product data catalogues of suppliers and construction SMEs.

Digital modelling of the Philharmonic Hall in Paris

Among other things, this partnership will make it possible to:

  • improve the technical definition of access to product data catalogues from the datBIM platform;
  • promote and foster catalogues of structured data with Bouygues Construction’s industrial suppliers and make them available through datBIM;
  • improve digital support for data flows and exchanges between suppliers, designers and purchasers;
  • collaborate more efficiently within AFNOR’s PPBIM standardisation committee on properties of construction elements.

Bouygues Construction and datBIM share a common vision of BIM, which is based on the importance of structured access to product data and the need to involve the entire construction industry in this approach, particularly SMEs.

Bouygues Construction has been committed to the principles of BIM since the early 2000s, and now actively uses the approach in all its projects. This new partnership, forming part of its open innovation strategy, marks a further step in integrating BIM in the construction sector and in involving suppliers in this key innovation.