Azbil to Develop Digital Solutions for Intelligent Building Management Systems

Azbil Corporation announced that it has started developing new digital solutions for use with intelligent building management systems (IBMS), with support from the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB).

In recent years, as modern cities are being transformed into smart cities, solutions are being developed in siloes—in other words, in isolation—which hinders both cross-sector information-sharing and the overall benefit such solutions can offer society. Against this backdrop, Azbil has started a technological development project for developing new IBMS digital solutions that combine AI and big data.

The new digital solutions aim to share and visualize information comprehensively, contribute to a sustainable society, and improve people’s quality of life. Specifically, they aim to improve the safety of buildings and occupants, increase convenience and energy efficiency, and reduce operational costs and buildings’ impact on the environment. This will be accomplished through an infrastructure that enables the status of the building and occupants to be checked and managed remotely.

“We are pleased that Azbil Corporation is advancing its innovation and digitalization capabilities in Singapore,” said Ms. Linda Sein, senior vice president, Investment Facilitation, EDB. “Azbil’s development of smart technologies and infrastructure in Singapore reflects the country’s strengths in innovation and R&D for urban solutions and demonstrates our value in helping companies innovate and test-bed solutions for smart cities.”

“I am so excited to announce that, in Singapore, Azbil Corporation will invest and move forward with the state-of-the-art innovation project of developing digital solutions for lBMS, with such significant support from Singapore’s Economic Development Board in response to rapidly increasing demands for digital transformation and smart solutions that leverage AI and big data,” commented Mr. Takayuki Yokota, Azbil’s CFO and senior managing executive officer in charge of global corporate communication.

Azbil’s Singapore showroom is scheduled to exhibit conceptual images of the new digital solutions for IBMS as well as remote building operation and management.

About Azbil Corporation

Azbil Corporation, formerly known as Yamatake Corporation, is a leading company in building and industrial automation, using its measurement and control technologies to provide customers with high value-added solutions to make their operations more efficient and sustainable. Founded in 1906, Azbil serves customers across the globe in a broad range of industries and aims to contribute to people’s safety, comfort and fulfilment, and global environmental preservation. At the end of March 2021, Azbil employed over 10,000 people