What Are The Advantages of Using Paperboard Air Filter Frames?

Do you sneeze when you walk into your house rather than when you go outside? Is your white furniture turning a greyish color? If so, you may need new filters for your HVAC system, or you may just need a better-fitting air filter frame.

Like any other component of your HVAC system, the air filter frame can wear out over time. When it does, you may have trouble finding a good fit if you rely on your local hardware store or check out internet resale sites such as Craigslist.

There are several sites on the internet where you can buy new frames. The best of these sites will have a fully stocked warehouse, offer fast shipping and carry paperboard frames. Treated paperboard frames are quite durable, and they look nice as well. They are resistant to chipping and are lightweight.

What is a paperboard frame?

Paperboard frames are made using a one-piece paperboard blank.  They are folded and glued into a collapsed condition for shipping or storage, and they expand for use. The corners of the expanded frame are secured by locking tabs and slots that attach the frame to the HVAC. The frame is used to hold filters used to remove debris from the air as it enters a hot air furnace.

A worthwhile filter company will offer a large variety of paperboard frames in many different sizes. Their employees should be able to help you if you are not sure of the size of filter that you want. These frames can be manually expanded to fit securely into the HVAC system.

Custom Frames

In some cases, you may not be able to find a frame that will fit your HVAC unit. In other cases, the company may send you what should be the right size, but it turns out that it is just a bit off.

Be sure to buy your frame from a company that has a good return policy. You may also want to consider getting custom-made paperboard air filter frames. There are some companies that can make custom-made paperboard frames that will look classy and fit your HVAC system perfectly.

How Custom Frames are Made

Paperboard filters are made with the use of a die cutter machine. A die cutter works much like a cookie-cutter. A mold is cast out of metal which has sharp edges that cut the material the die-cast operator is using. Die casting can be used on many different materials.

It does not take much skill to operate a die casting machine as all you really have to do is press the die down on the material. Nowadays, you can create a die with the use of a computer so your mold will come out in perfect proportions.

Die casting creates a perfect frame every time. Your new frame will fit into your HVAC system well. They can even print arrows on the frame so you will be able to install it quickly and get on with the important business of decorating your home.

Why a Perfect Fit is so Important

When a frame is dilapidated or is not the right size for an HVAC system, debris and pollutants can get through the cracks and open spaces and into your home. When a filtration system does not work properly, the livability of your home can be diminished. It is much less safe for the people who reside there, and it can affect the lifespan of the heating and cooling system.

The Benefits of Clean, Well-Secured Air filters

Changing your air filters and frames regularly is very important. A filter can trap pet hair, but they also trap things like pollen in the springtime, tobacco smoke, and even dust mites. When the air filter becomes clogged, you will have to replace it or else it will just stop working.

If your HVAC system gets enough dirt in it, it will have to work twice as hard as it normally would to circulate air, and this will make your air conditioning bills higher. People who live in your home will be more susceptible to allergies, and they may even suffer from respiratory problems. If you have a dilapidated frame, allergens can get in as well.

If an HVAC system runs for a very long time with a dirty filter, the system may break down entirely. Repairs can cost hundreds of dollars, and a new system can cost thousands of dollars.

Most air filters require changing every few months, so buying them in bulk is not a bad idea. If you have pets or children, it is a good idea to change the filters every two months. If you have a seasonal home that you do not occupy most of the year, you may only need to change the filters every six months.

You have worked hard for your home and you deserve a place that is clean, quiet, and comfortable. When you use paperboard frames and change the filters regularly, you can breathe easily.