UK Must Act Fast As Construction Workers Feel The Pressure

One of the research projects conducted by ElectricalDirect went on to find out that 33% of the tradespeople cannot afford the tools that they require, with some even making use of damaged equipment since they are unable to meet the cost so as to replace it.

Around 15% reported keeping the tools for much longer than they used to, and 16% now like to go for an equipment repair. It is well worth noting that almost 13% are using damaged tools since they are unable to afford replacements, as per the research.

Apparently, the SNP went on to blast these findings and also called on the government of the UK to act as urgently as they could.

As per ElectricalDirect, across all the traders, workers go on to spend an average of £1000 when it comes to tools every year.

Around a quarter of these costs—£246, i.e., 22%—happen to be spent on maintenance as well as repairs. That said, the research also suggests a number of people are tackling these jobs themselves so as to reduce the costings.

Certain other cost-cutting measures include the likes of reducing the power tools so as to reduce the fuel costs by 30% and also purchasing second-hand equipment instead of new ones by 42%.

The SNP spokesperson for fair work, Chris Stephens, said that after the unending consequences of Brexit, the Westminster-made cost of living is making the problems swell for workers throughout Scotland.

It is pretty significant that workplace safety is going to be guaranteed for all tradespeople and that nobody has to risk their safety by making use of tools that are either damaged or partially repaired.

The Tory government, as per him, must act urgently so as to support the tradespeople throughout the cost of living crisis and ensure high standards of workplace safety and practise. That said, so as to actually protect workers’ rights and also build a fair and prosperous economy for one and all, Scotland must have the full powers of independence.

The Managing Director of ElectricalDirect, Dominick Sandford, remarked that the cost-of-living crisis has gone on to affect the tradespeople in more ways than just one, and the workers have had to tweak their long-standing habits so as to reduce the bills. However, it is indeed crucial that people do not take any risks that are potentially dangerous, and making use of damaged or partially repaired tools can make way for major challenges. There happen to be many safer ways to cut the day-to-day outgoings, which is the reason why they have gone on to partner with experts so as to share practical advice.