The Infrastructure Intelligence Live series of events addressing the lack of diversity and inclusion in construction

The Infrastructure Intelligence Live series of events continues on Friday 30 April 2021 with a webinar looking at diversity and inclusion in the construction industry and what we need to do to encourage the next generation.

As the designers of society’s future, the construction industry is better-placed than many others to appeal to the next generation of talent and make the most of its pivotal role in shaping projects that change lives. The industry has a unique appeal which can meet the emerging generation’s strong sense of purpose and values, but companies and workplaces need to become more diverse and promote inclusion if the industry is to attract and promote the leaders of the future.

The construction sector has particular challenges around diversity. 14% of the UK’s population classifies as BAME but only 1.2% of the built environment sector is BAME. Given that the role of planning and the building industry should be to create diverse and inclusive communities, the sector should be reflective of this. So, why there is a lack of ethnic diversity in the construction sector? What are the main prejudices faced by ethnic minorities in the property and construction industry? And, what can individuals and companies do to start addressing this?

This webinar will explore how the industry makes the necessary changes to ensure that it attracts and retains talent and becomes the sector of choice for the business leaders of tomorrow and crucially explore how can make the industry more attractive to talented professionals from diverse backgrounds.

Join the debate on how we create a more diverse and inclusive construction industry by signing up to this webinar, which is organised in association with our Events and Communications Strategic Partner, BECG.