The Hows and Whys of Buying Homes for Sale in Destin, FL

Home purchasing is one of the most significant investments you will ever make. It is a substantial financial choice, so it is worthwhile to take the time to explore all of the options. 

You should evaluate factors that may affect your present and future financial situation and lifestyle. When investing in property, think deeply and carefully. If you want to assure a favorable return on your investment, you must select a suitable property. 

Do you seek support in purchasing a home? Destin, Florida, has a lot to offer, and we will assist you with your needs in this article.

Get To Know Destin and Its History

Destin is located on Florida’s panhandle, near the beautiful green seas of the Emerald Coast. The city was founded as a fishing village in the 1850s and remained thus until the 1980s when tourism-based growth began.

Destin’s origins may be traced back to the seventh century A.D. Artifacts show that American Indians resided here, subsisting on the rich fish in the surrounding seas. 

Nine hundred years later, Spanish explorers paid a visit, and divers constantly discovered debris of historic ships in the area’s seas.

Destin’s ancestors may be traced to a fisherman named Leonard Destin, who arrived in Northwest Florida in 1845 from New London, Connecticut. He and his family spent years fishing and exploring Destin’s East Pass, the only access to the Gulf of Mexico from Panama City and Pensacola.

Destin marked its 25th anniversary as an incorporated municipality in 2009. First-time tourists continually learn what keeps people returning to Destin’s port and shoreline year after year. 

Destin, Florida, has beautiful white sandy beaches, emerald green oceans, a pleasant environment, outstanding food, and, of course, it is considered the “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village.” 

The Advantages of Living in Destin, Florida

Destin boasts many advantages over other Florida beach resort cities, such as world-class beaches, pleasant weather, and many excellent restaurants. Destin also offers several additional benefits that make it a terrific spot to live all year.

Beaches on the Emerald Coast

The Emerald Coast refers to nearly 100 miles of beach in the Florida panhandle, stretching from Pensacola to Port St. Joe. 

People relocate to Destin as full-time residents because they want year-round access to the area’s beaches and sea. Locals like their proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and the milder waters of Choctawhatchee Bay, where they may participate in any water activity of their choosing.


For the first 130 years of Destin’s existence, commercial fishing was the town’s primary industry. While tourism may reign supreme, the region still has some excellent sport fishing in the Gulf and Bay. The city is in an ideal location for fishing, with deep seas only 25 miles distant.

Excellent Weather

Every year, the Destin region has 226 days of sunlight, but it also receives 66 inches of rain, double the national average. 

It is the ideal balance of sun and rain to keep the land verdant. Summers are hot and humid, with highs in the 90s, but winters are pleasant and dry, with highs in the 60s.

Economic Diversification

Beach resort villages frequently rely entirely on tourism for survival, and these communities experience difficulties when winter arrives, storms strike, the country suffers a pandemic, and so on.

On the other hand, Destin has been able to preserve a diverse economy, mainly owing to its vicinity to the Pensacola Naval Air Station. 

This base, dubbed “The Cradle of Naval Aviation,” is home to the famed Blue Angels and trains many of the Navy’s best pilots.

Remarkable Earnings

The diverse economy is most likely why Destin locals earn more than the national average. The average salary in Destin is $40K, compared to the national average of $31K. The typical household income in Destin is $71K, compared to the national average of $57K.

Schools are Excellent

Destin is served by one elementary school and one middle school. Both obtain top ranks, with exam scores significantly higher than the national average. Overall, its public school system is in the top 85 percent of all schools in the United States.

Previously, there were no high schools inside the city boundaries of Destin, forcing citizens to go to surrounding cities like Fort Walton. Destin will establish its first high school in August 2021. 

Several Restaurant Options

There is a restaurant for every appetite and every budget. Given the area’s commercial and recreational fishing, you will have plenty of fresh, reasonably priced seafood. Being on the Gulf Coast means picking up some of that Cajun flavor.

Plenty of Nightlife

Destin residents and visitors will never be bored at night since the town offers a choice of family-friendly and adult-only entertainment options. Again, you will have to contend with tourist crowds, and specific locations may close during winter.

Excellent Retirement Options

Destin has eight active adult communities, ranging from condominiums to 55+ complexes. There are six more assisted living and nursing establishments. When combined with the other Pros listed above, it’s no surprise Destin is ranked in the top 2% of Best Places to Retire in America.

How to Buy a House in Florida

Purchasing homes for sale in Destin, FL, is an exciting milestone, but the process may be lengthy. Multiple factors, such as your financial state, market circumstances, and the local economy, can influence how long it takes to locate a home and how much it costs. 

The more you understand the stages of purchasing a property and current real estate trends in Florida, the better equipped you will be to navigate this intricate process as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

Put Money Aside for a Down Payment

Your down payment is the initial amount of the purchase price of your house that you pay at closing. Your mortgage lender will pay the remaining debt.

Mortgage lenders in Florida often need you to deposit 20% of the purchase price as a down payment. That works out to $77,727 for a $388,635 property, the average home value in Florida.

Obtain a Mortgage Pre-Approval

A mortgage pre-approval letter is an offer to give you money for a certain amount to acquire houses for sale in Destin, Florida. The amount of the loan is specified in the letter. 

It reveals to the sellers that you are a serious buyer who can make an offer on the home and that you have the financial resources to do so.

Before showing you their house, most sellers in Florida will want pre-approval. Mortgage lenders analyze your financial status, including total income, personal debt, and cash reserves, to decide how much you may borrow for a home. 

Most lenders will ask that your debt-to-income ratio, including your prospective mortgage, be less than 36 percent.

Choose an Appropriate Place

A property’s neighborhood may be as essential as its layout and characteristics, whether a house or condos for sale Destin, FL. In general, while determining which area is ideal for you, you should consider the following considerations. 

The average property worth in Florida is currently $388,635, so do not panic if it does not exactly match your budget. Home prices vary significantly between cities and neighborhoods depending on new homes for sale in Destin, Florida. 

Examine previous house value patterns as well. It will indicate how much your home’s value will rise in the following years.

Inspections and Evaluations

Inspections and appraisals allow you to better evaluate the home’s condition and worth before making an official purchase. If anything unexpected comes up after this phase, you may be able to renegotiate the terms of your contract with the seller. 

Although Florida requires sellers to report some known property defects, other problems may not be detected by a routine house inspection alone. Additional testing before closing can assist in safeguarding both your health and your cash in the long term.

Locate a Real Estate Agent in Florida

While buying homes for sale in Destin FL, your agent will be an ally. Your agent should know about purchasing property in Florida and finding and showing you residences.

They will assist you in making proposals, negotiating contracts, and navigating the closing process. They can also recommend additional service providers, such as title firms and home inspectors, to assist you in purchasing a house through Destin, Florida real estate.

Do not choose an agency hastily. Instead, spend the time researching and interviewing various real estate agents with experience in the communities of interest. Check out and find out if it suits your liking.

Completion of your New House

When your inspections are completed, you will be ready for closing, and your lender will accept your loan. Closing is the process of closing your mortgage and transferring property ownership. 

Closing on specific Destin homes for Sale by Owner necessitates two significant steps. First, you will review and sign the proper papers to transfer the title to your name. After that, you will pay your closing fees to become a legal homeowner.


Destin in Florida is magnificent near the Emerald Coast’s pure emerald seas. It is located between the historic streets of Pensacola and the spring break hub of Panama City Beach, and it has some of the most beautiful beachfront real estate you will ever see.

As you read this, I assume you are considering moving to Destin, Florida. And this may pique your interest in learning whether everything in the city is fair and clean. 

The purchasing process is complicated and time-consuming, making it easy to slip off course. Setting priorities will assist you through the process without overlooking any elements that are vital to you and your family.

Your realtor will also be interested in your prioritized list. Check The Short Term Shop to understand which qualities will work for you, eliminate houses that will not work for you, and compare properties that will. Maintaining your priorities will be critical in locating the ideal place for you and your family.