SWARCO has launched MyCity, a highly flexible and customisable modular traffic management platform

MyCity has the functionality of a traditional traffic management system, such as traffic signal monitoring and control, car park guidance and VMS management and journey time monitoring. It also allows the plug-in of new features such as electric vehicle charging management, micro-mobility, floating car data and air quality management. The web-based modular setup means the system can be tailored to suit the specific needs of individual towns or cities, according to SWARCO. It can also be set up as a service model where functionalities and features can be easily added any time to improve traffic flow and safety.

To provide a versatile traffic management platform, MyCity brings together all of SWARCO’s software solutions, explained Carl Dyer, chief technology officer at SWARCO UK. This includes Zephyr for controlling variable message signs and other signage to guide drivers, whether it be to the nearest parking space or by providing valuable traffic updates and information.

MyCity is available as an on-premise solution or as a cloud-based solution operated by SWARCO.