Stanford Graduate School of Business’ Knight Management Centre wins LEED Platinum

The Knight Management Centre at the Stanford Graduate School of Business in California, US has bagged LEED Platinum from the US Green Building Council.

The facility spans 360,000 square feet and has been equipped with advanced technology. It features narrow classrooms and floor-to-ceiling glass which allow maximum penetration of natural light, thereby reaping energy savings. The building’s 90% of interior work areas offer daylight circulation. The lighting fixtures installed in the rooms turn off when unoccupied, further reducing energy usage.

The roof of the building has also been fitted with photovoltaic panels which generates solar energy capable of meeting 12.5% of its energy needs per year. The property also comprises high-performance under-floor air distribution systems, and air-handling units to recaptivate waste heat and redistribute it when required. A total of eight buildings of the centre exceed existing state energy standards by 45%.

The centre further incorporates night flushing systems in the warmer months. It includes automated skylights and windows which release the hot air during day and draw in cool air during the night. Recycling of grey water and rainwater adds to the sustainability of the property by cutting down consumption of potable water for sewer conveyance by 80%. In addition, the building features underground car parking lot with a capacity of 900 while 50% of the site comprises open space.