Rhino HySafe receives award of £109,000 from Welsh Government

Rhino HySafe, a subsidiary of Rhino Engineering Group, has been awarded £109,000 by the Welsh Government, as part of its SMART Cymru programme.

The organisation, which launched in August 2021, specialises in the production of ultra-fast explosion relief solutions for the hydrogen market and will be manufacturing products designed to minimise risks associated with explosions.

The SMART Cymru programme is a Welsh Government initiative to support businesses in developing new products and processes and investing in research and innovation.

The initiative is backed by £27m in EU funding and is pledging a total of £63.4m of support to eligible businesses in Wales.

Initial products that Rhino HySafe will be producing include specialist panels, cladding and venting technologies, designed to protect nearby people and buildings in the event of an explosion.

Stuart Lawrence, Group Managing Director of Rhino Engineering Group, said: “We are incredibly thankful to the Welsh Government and the SMART Cymru programme for its generous investment in Rhino HySafe.

“This funding, awarded at a critical point in our wider organisation’s growth, will allow us to develop an industry-leading offering for the global hydrogen market.”

Andrew Davies, Project General Manager at Rhino HySafe, added: “The receipt of this funding sits as testament to the hard work and innovative approach of our team, and we are looking forward to developing state-of-the-art solutions to support our diverse clients’ needs.”