Rauta has developed a sandwich panel construction technology that allows to build houses in just 7 days

The new technology of prefabricated one-story residential buildings makes it possible to provide people with high-quality houses as quickly as possible.

Ruukki sandwich panels are used as load-bearing and envelope structures of houses, which allows to reduce the cost of construction due to the absence of the need to build a frame. At the same time, cottages become highly energy efficient (heat transfer resistance R = 7.43 m2K / W) and durable (lifetime is more than 50 years).

Rauta has developed several practical layouts for sandwich panel cottages ranging from 26 m2 to 139 m2. At the same time, layouts with an area of ??26 m2 and 49 m2 can be placed in blocks with common partitions. This solution allows to further reduce the cost of construction, as well as to build settlements for people in dire need of housing as quickly as possible.

“The key goal of this project was to create reliable, functional and energy-efficient houses with the shortest possible construction time,” said Andriy Ozeychuk, Rauta director. “The ergonomics of the layouts are deliberate so that even in a house with an area of ????only 26 m2, a family of 3-4 people can live comfortably.”