Kier and Elliott unveil smart technology solution to reduce carbon emissions

Kier Construction, alongside Elliott, has revealed a smart technology solution to cut carbon emissions by up to 25% on its site accommodation at the Winterstoke Hundred Academy expansion

Energy-saving features and a smart technology solution is being used in the Moduflex® modules supplied by Elliot for use as welfare, offices and meeting rooms on the Winterstoke Hundred Academy School expansion to monitor, manage and reduce carbon emissions and electricity use.

This will contribute to significant carbon savings during the 80-week construction schedule.

Elliott supplied the Moduflex modules fully furnished and ready for the smart technology.

The smart technology solution will monitor energy within zones, taking readings across a wide range of parameters every few seconds to optimise energy use and identify any interventions required.

The Elliott modules were prepared by the company at its facility in Bristol using a local workforce and delivered to the site in Weston-super-Mare, helping keep the carbon footprint to a minimum.

Alongside carbon savings, wellbeing is encompassed within the project, and the smart technology solution has already highlighted where the heating system required intervention to improve user experience in a particular zone.

smart technology solution, carbon emissions
The carbon-saving features incorporated into the site accommodation include:

HVO fuelled generators and hybrid battery storage.
Electric vehicle chargers.
Dehumidifiers in drying rooms to help with heating and reduce carbon and electricity costs.
Climate control in first floor offices and meeting rooms have also been included to increase wellbeing and comfort, whilst also reducing the carbon and electricity costs over traditional panel heating.

The Moduflex® modules are made using responsibly sourced recycled PVC-U and recyclable timber from certified/managed forests.

The temporary foundations are also made using sustainable, reusable materials that haves significantly less embodied energy compared to traditional concrete foundations.
Setting new standards for smart technology in site accommodation

Jon Woodman, Bristol area manager at Kier Construction, commented: “This project sets new standards for site accommodation, and it is fitting that they are deployed on a zero-carbon build.

“The Elliott cabins are already installed on site and early indications are that they are achieving impressive carbon reductions. We will gain a better understanding of savings over the next few months.

“The site accommodation at Winterstoke Hundred Academy School will be in place for 80 weeks and so the savings in energy and carbon will make a significant difference over the duration of the development.”
Working to cut carbon emissions from construction sites

Andy Brind, senior key account director at Elliott also stated: “This is a hugely significant project by Kier that will set out a roadmap for how other construction sites can cut carbon emissions.

“Kier is demonstrating that sustainability should not just be focussed on the actual build, but rather encompass all aspects of the project starting from when site accommodation is deployed.”