Oregon construction industry touts low COVID-19 case numbers at jobsites

Cases of COVID-19 continue to remain low on construction jobsites in Oregon, thanks to the industry’s commitment to best practices outlined by the Joint COVID-19 Construction Safety Task Force, officials said.

That commitment continues in other ways, according to the industry, including support of the Temporary Rule Addressing COVID-19 Workplace Risks that Oregon OSHA recently adopted.

The task force continues to see a low number of outbreaks at construction jobsites, despite the fact that construction activity has not shut down during the pandemic.

“The Oregon State Building and Construction Trades Council is pleased to be working in partnership with industry to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by following best practices and supporting Oregon OSHA’s new temporary requirements,” said Robert Camarillo, executive secretary for the trades council.

The construction industry is accustomed to carrying out best practices to increase worker safety. It has seen a strong commitment from leaders in the industry to ensure workers are safe and healthy at work.

“At Hoffman and across the construction industry, the safety of our workers is our first priority,” said Tony Howard, safety director at Hoffman Construction Company. “The COVID-19 task force has been vital to our ability to continue to do the essential work we do and keep our workers safe through the pandemic. It shows what is possible when we bring labor, management, industry organizations, and regulatory agencies together with a common goal. We are very proud to have contributed to this effort.”