Modular Building Institute sponsored Offsite Construction Expo goes virtual

Registration is now open for the first digital Offsite Construction Expo of 2020, which will feature educational presentations, digital booths from industry exhibitors, and person-to-person communication over video and chat

The first virtual Offsite Construction Expo of 2020 targets the western half of the United States and is sponsored by the Modular Building Institute (MBI).

The two-day digital expo will start on 16 September and conclude 17 September. The expo will closely follow the format of previous in-person events and will feature educational presentations, digital booths from industry exhibitors, and person-to-person communication over video and chat.

This event will mark the sixth year that MBI has sponsored the Offsite Construction Expos.

While this event had been planned as a live event in Denver, Colorado, US, attendees and exhibitors alike will still benefit from the variety of modular vendors and component suppliers all in one virtual room.

Past expo exhibitors have included offsite construction contractors, traditional contractors that have integrated offsite methods, offsite factories, transportation companies, BIM suppliers, materials suppliers, and consultants of all types of offsite construction processes.

A number of MBI members exhibit at the Offsite Construction Expos on a regular basis.
Exhibitors at the Denver digital expo include the following companies:

Modular Building Institute
Innovative Structural Engineering
Johns Manville
Precision Structural Engineering
Guerdon, LLC
Horizon North Logistics Inc.
ICC Evaluation Service
neUdesign Architecture
Z Modular
BestGen Modular
Phoenix Modular Elevator
USG Structural Panels

Dave Sikora, OSCE’s business development director, said: “We’re very excited to be bringing the excitement of OSCE online.

“There’s no doubt that Covid has presented some challenges for us, but we think this Expo is really going to exceed expectations.”

If you are interested in learning about the offsite construction industry in the United States, the Offsite Construction Expo is the place to be. This event is only $199 for all attendees.

Speakers at the Denver expo

Speakers at the Denver expo include MBI member Shawn Lothrop, CEO of Innovative Structural Engineering. He’ll be speaking about the advantages and value of structural engineering for modular and offsite construction. John Beddow, CEO of Guerdon, LLC, will be addressing affordable housing. Rhys Kane’s (Horizon North) session will also explore the topic. Chris Waters from Z Modular will speak on new markets and challenges for modular construction and Troy Tiddens (neUdesign Architecture) will speak on the means and methods of offsite design.

Two additional digital expos—each targeted to a specific North American region—are planned for 2020. OSCE Toronto is planned for 21 October and 22.

OSCE Washington DC is scheduled for 18 November and 19. Each expo is planned and run by association management company HardimanWilliams, LLC.

The Modular Building Institute is sponsoring all three OSCE events in 2020. For more information about sponsoring, attending, or exhibiting at Offsite Construction Expo, please visit