Modernizing Your Racking System: How to Choose the Best Storage for Your Product

Storage is one of the most critical functions that make up a large portion of the logistics activity in a logistics operation. Using a storage space for your goods ensures supply availability without interruption from producers to consumers. It also preserves the product’s value and maintains the quality as it reaches the customers.

Note that storage functions according to the type and the storage requirements of the goods stored. For example, fresh fish is stored in a refrigerated warehouse at a regulated temperature to maintain the fish’s freshness. Meanwhile, bulk, dry and non-temperature sensitive products use racking systems for storage.

Since different products require different storage processes, you must know how to choose the right one for your business. Hence, read on below to learn about racking systems and how you can choose the best storage for your products.

What You Need To Know About Racking Systems

Storage racks are used by factories or logistics companies that provide facilities for warehousing. Various storage racks that are available conform to companies’ requirements according to the specifications of the product.

Installation of these racking systems conforms to the technologies and the industry standard. In addition, each rack installed is bound by the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) protocols as set forth and allowed for operation.

For example, a pallet must have a standard size to fit the pallet racking securely. The standard pallet size is 48 inches deep and 40 inches wide. This is the most common dimension that storage facilities use. There is also a squared pallet, like the 42″ x 42″ or the 48″ by 48″.

Using a standard pallet is necessary for space management and safety. Undersize pallets may cause goods to overhang and may become a safety hazard.

Another vital thing to note when building or using a pallet rack is the conformance to the specifications, designs, and materials to be used. For example, for industrial pallet rack systems, industrial steel storage racks are utilized. All these standards must be met to obtain approval from the local government for the construction and installation.

Choosing the Best Storage for Your Goods

Building modern storage needs the skills and expertise of the service providers like Tradesales. Aside from technical expertise, knowing the requirements of the client is necessary. And as a client, you must provide them with the correct information about the goods you are storing to better implement what’s best for your business and the product. Finally, and most importantly, know these things before using the facility:

Safety and Surveillance

Safety is one of the most important things to look into in the facility or the storage units. Do the necessary inspection and conduct a safety audit on the facility. You can also ask for surveillance videos to confirm and ensure that the place is safe for the goods and the people.

Check if the location is safe in case an emergency happens and whether the facility is compliant with ergonomic requirements. This way, you can better ensure that people are generally safe from potential health risks.

Accessibility and Convenience

Convenience and accessibility of the racking facility are necessary, not only with the location but also the access to goods or items stored in it.

Check if they operate round the clock, or if you can have access even on weekends or holidays. And for self-service storage, check if you can have access anytime as you need or as needed by your business.

Climate-Control and Temperature Storage

Depending on your goods, you can select storage facilities that provide the appropriate temperature requirement. However, if you need a climate-controlled unit, always consider the cost of a rental since it is a bit expensive.

But regardless of the storage cost, the best storage facility has the best climate-controlled storage. This is important, especially for goods needing a controlled temperature to keep the quality of the product.

Also, proper humidity control is necessary since climate temperature is changing. The changing temperature can be damaging not only to the product but also to the health of the operators.

Cleanliness and Pest Control

Cleanliness and pest control are no-brainer requirements for a storage facility. Surely you would not want to see dead cockroaches, ants, or mouse poop on your products. They cause damage to the products, and it is very unhygienic. Moreover, it can even lead to future lawsuits. Check if the facility has a pest control program or know if they implement the 5S systems.

Get Insurance for Your Goods

Accidents may happen unexpectedly, or fortuitous events may occur when you are most unprepared. To protect the value of your belongings, get an insurance policy that secures your goods and property, like commercial property insurance. This will protect you from many incidents like a flood, fire, crime, and business interruption.

Modernizing Racking Systems

Modern storage facilities are readily available in most cities or urban areas. You can find them in any condition, and at varied costs you afford. But the most important thing in choosing the best storage facility is the safety and the quality of the product in-store. You must maintain their quality when they reach the customers.