Mashhad Municipality civil organization reports, practices against COVID-19

Mashhad is a city in northeast Iran, known as a place of religious pilgrimage. It is the second important city of Iran, with a population of 3.001 million, as of 2016 census.

The city has a wide the construction industry in Iran that Mashhad Municipality Civil Organization is the main contractor in building and reconstructions issues across the city.

After the COVID-19 outbreak, the organization has applied practices for virus containment in site jobs and safe operations.


1- Forming the battle council against COVID-19 in the organization with all manager’s presence. The council has determined general policies about critical situations.

2- Staff screening by a self-assessment form including questions about the medical situation and disease signals.

3- Distributing PPE for workers and engineers around the job sites and central office.

4- Providing the health protocol about construction operations during COVID-19.

5- Keeping the social distancing between staff in the central office and workers on job sites.

6- Performing medical tests from staff.

7- Studying and analyzing the existing gaudiness and protocols in other countries such as U.K, U.S, Scotland, and Canada about suitable reactions against COVID-19.

8- Disinfection of job sites, equipment, and central office.

9- Establishment of the Production workshop of face mask.

10- Holding the training course for members of HSE (Health and Safety Executive) unit in the organization to preventing coronavirus outbreak.” any worker for activity in job sites must be screened, and confirmation of HSE is required,” Said Dr. E.Azimi the head of the organization.

11- Leave of absence to staff more than 55 ages and vulnerable persons.

12- Reducing of times work as well as construction operations.

13- Displaying recommendations of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education for workers.

14- Designating a Site Safety Rep (SSR) for all job sites to monitor and implement all recommended safety practices regarding the COVID-19 virus.

15- Establishing cleaning and handwashing stations within the work areas.

Worth noting that all measures have taken under Dr.Kazemi’s leadership, deputy of Mashhad mayor.