LKCO Announces In-depth Cooperation with Changjiang Yuntong, a Digital Smart City Investment Construction and Operation Management Platform in China

Luokung Technology Corp., one of the global leading spatial-temporal big-data processing technology companies, a leading interactive location-based services company in China, announced it has established in-depth cooperative partnership with Changjiang Yuntong Group Co., Ltd., carrying out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation based on the strength of the respective superior resources, including but not limited to multi-level cooperation in technologies, products, and marketing in the fields of digital city construction, smart city data operations, transportation and other public industry smart service solutions, etc. The Company expects to obtain a series of smart city projects in Wuhan City and Hubei Province through the cooperative partnership with Changjiang Yuntong.

About Changjiang Yuntong Group Co., Ltd.

Changjiang Yuntong is the exclusive digital smart city investment construction and operation management platform directly managed by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the Wuhan Municipal People’s Government. At present, it owns 8 companies including Wuhan Big Data Industry Development Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Bus Zhitong Technology Co., Ltd. Involved in the fields of government affairs, transportation, medical treatment, education, etc., its business is widely deployed in areas such as big data, cloud computing, and network security. Recently, it co-funded with Alibaba Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd. and established Changjiang Yuntong Smart City Technology Co., Ltd.

About Luokung Technology Corp.

Luokung Technology Corp. is one of the global leading spatial-temporal big-data processing technology companies and a leading interactive location-based services company in China. It provides integrated DaaS, SaaS, and PaaS services for Internet and Internet of Things of Spatial-Temporal big data based on its patented technology. Based on geographic information systems and intelligent Spatial-Temporal big data, it establishes city-level and industry-level digital twin holographic data models to actively serve smart cities, intelligent transportation, smart industry, LBS.