LinqPal Announces Launch to Revolutionize Payment and Financing throughout the Construction Supply Chain

LinqPal , a payment and financing platform for the construction industry, announced the company’s official launch. The platform links together the two sides of the construction industry, contractors/developers and construction material suppliers. LinqPal’s innovative platform transforms how construction material suppliers manage and collect payments. They can automate and streamline invoice collection while offering risk-free flexible financing to their customers. Contractors, builders, and developers can make payments for building materials on the go using a wide range of payment options, including LinqPal’s buy now, pay later options.

CEO, Yaser Masoudnia , COO, Patrick Gannon , and CTO, Venkat Motupalli , have co-founded LinqPal to empower small and medium-sized businesses in the industry to reach their potential. Yaser describes LinqPal as “A unique and exciting alternative payment solution that addresses pressing issues, such as slow and inefficient payment processes and lack of access to financing options for SMBs.” He stated that “For a long time, SMBs in the construction industry have been neglected by banks and financial institutions. We founded LinqPal to change that. We strongly believe that SMBs are the core of the U.S. construction industry, but also an overworked and underserved community. A significant portion of industry businesses are small, family-owned, minority, women-owned, or founded by immigrants. Therefore, our team has made them the forefront of our mission, and our goal is to make sure they are equipped with payment and financing tools to grow their business.”

LinqPal allows contractors to quickly pay for their materials from anywhere with mobile devices, using their preferred payment method, including LinqPal financing. Contractors can enjoy an extended cash flow and quick access to material financing while getting their materials when needed. This buy now and pay later solution allows them to take on more projects and grow their business faster.

Suppliers can leverage LinqPal’s stress-free payment platform to send invoices to their customers via text message and receive payment fast. With LinqPal, material suppliers can offer their customers a range of payment options, including flexible financing. LinqPal will help material suppliers improve how they collect payments, improve customer experience and sell more by making their material affordable to more customers.