Labour Hire Helps Combat Australias Ageing Construction Workforce

The construction industry is getting smaller and smaller. With a higher frequency of turnover among staff, employers are worried about maintaining a younger workforce. One engineering labour-hire agency in Melbourne, AIO Contracting, says this stems from a top-down approach to hiring. With an older age group at the top, they say that hiring practices and company protocols may be outdated and inappropriate for the current market.

In order to continue to be competitive, keep innovating and get the staff they need, they need to turn to an external force to keep up with times. It’s for this reason that many companies are now turning to engineering recruitment agencies in Melbourne.

One engineering labour-hire agency in Melbourne, AIO, thinks that this is the beginning of a shift in the industry. They’ve been personally responsible for staffing many local companies with young contractors who are fit, youthful and ready to work. Not stopping there, their service offering also offers other added benefits to the companies that they work with.

AIO provides more than just engineering recruitment in Melbourne; they also help with engineering and training needs for business within the engineering, manufacturing, construction and maintenance industries. This is very attractive to young people who are seeking on-the-job training and employment development support. AIO also comes backed by the Labour Hire Authority, which is Victoria’s required licensing body for this type of work.

AIO has found that this industry has successfully attracted part-time staff over the last 50 years, supported by labour-hire. Allowing for part-time contractors opens up the doors to a whole new wealth of staffing opportunities. Part-time hours are a key requirement for some job seekers such as parents and students.

This switch to part-time indicates a change in the availability of full-time work as well as the preference of the age group. As many firms seek assistance with engineering labour-hire in Melbourne, we’ll see this shift help bring new life into the construction and engineering industry.