Kodiak to install rubber flooring at Hunter Army Airfield facility in US

Kodiak Sports, a US-based premier rubber flooring and artificial turf manufacturer, has been appointed to construct Hunter Army Airfield’s new speed and agility workout centre in the US state of Georgia. The new centre incorporates 9,000 square feet of Kodiak commercial grade rolled rubber flooring and 2000 square feet of Kodiak Synthetic turf with 5mm foam padding for additional comfort and durability.Kodiak’s design and installation with cutting edge artificial turf and rubber flooring layouts allows soldiers to not only use free weights and strength equipment; but to use the synthetic turf for speed and agility, plyometrics, and functional cross training. 

The proper use of turf and rubber flooring in one functional space allows an athlete to move from a strength building exercise to a speed or coordination drill in order to get a well rounded exercise session.Kodiak Sports specializes in baseball batting cage supplies and manufacturing, as well as maintaining a manufacturing presence in flooring and textile divisions to complement its primary sports business.