Kier completes 1000th Scape National Minor Works project

Kier has handed Flintshire Adult Day Care Centre, its 1000th project procured through both generations of the Scape National Minor Works frameworks, to Flintshire County Council.

The Flintshire Adult Day Care Centre will provide state-of-the-art community day care facilities and social care services for vulnerable adults with varying degrees of learning disabilities. The new facility replaced the existing day centre which was falling into disrepair and has been designed with input from service users, their family members and staff.

Deane Hudson, frameworks director at Kier, commented: “We’re thrilled to have handed over our 1000th Scape Minor Works project. The Flintshire Adult Day Care Centre will provide much-needed support to vulnerable adults in the area.”

“We are proud to partner with Scape Group and continue to deliver value for money projects ranging from £50k to £4m for our public sector clients across the UK.”

Mark Robinson, Scape Group chief executive, commented, “We are very proud of the number of successful projects delivered via our National Minor Works frameworks. The 1,000th project is a real milestone for both Kier and Scape Group and I am very pleased that the Flintshire Adult Day Care Centre will give vulnerable adults access to opportunities that would not have been afforded to them without the new facility.”

Mark continued, “Scape’s Minor Works framework continues to deliver exceptional project outcomes whilst embedding social value at the heart, we recognise the importance of engaging with local communities to create sustainable socio-economic outcomes that last way beyond the projects’ completion.”

Flintshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Social Services, Councillor Christine Jones, said: “The recent opening of Hwb Cyfle was an exciting day for Flintshire who, along with our partners, is working hard to transform services for people with a learning disability. Flintshire County Council has invested in the future of this key service and we are grateful for Kier’s experience and expertise in helping bring these state of the art facilities into being .”

Kier was appointed to the first-generation Scape National Minor Works framework in 2011 and subsequently became the delivery partner on the second generation of the framework, which expires in September 2021. Through the second generation of the framework Kier has created over £350m of SME social value and created over 550 jobs.

Over the coming months, Kier is due to deliver over 80 projects under the Scape National Minor Works framework. This includes a new MRI facility at St Richard’s Hospital, Worthing, five new primary school extensions for Oxford County Council providing over 500 additional pupil places and two new business enterprise centres for Somerset County Council.