Japan completes world’s tallest communications tower

Construction of the 634m tall Tokyo Sky Tree, which is the tallest communications tower in the world and the second tallest building, has been completed in Tokyo, Japan. The new tower is designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando and sculptor Kiichi Sumikawa. Construction of the tower was managed by Tobu Tower Sky Tree Company.Tokyo Sky Tree is being built upon a triangular foundation and its body turns into a cylinder as it reaches upward.

The tower features an anti-seismic design that includes underground pilings spread out like the branches of a tree. The tower consists of an outer steel frame and an inner shaft of reinforced concrete that can move separately and cancel out their seismic energies, rendering the tower safe against Japan’s frequent earthquakes. The tower will include two observation decks, 300 shops and restaurants, an aquarium, planetarium and a dome theatre.