Iofina completes work on iodine extraction plant in North America

UK-based Iofina plc has completed the construction of the IO#1 iodine extraction plant based on its WET IOsorb technology.

The group said it had completed pouring the concrete pads, installing the pumps, tanks, motors, brine lines, steel bases, IOsorb equipment, structural support steel, crystallisation equipment, crystallisation building and the motor control centre building.

Located in the southwest operations group of Iofina, the group is awaiting connection to the electrical grid by the local electricity company, which is expected to happen by the end of the week.

Iofina will test the plant using fresh water through all tanks, pumps, plumbing and IOsorb equipment for between one and five days. Upon successful hydro-testing, the plant will start running the iodine rich brine through the IOsorb plant.

The plant will use Iofina’s IOsorb technology to identify, develop, build, own and operate iodine extraction plants currently focused in North America.

The firm also has other plants at different stages of development, such as the IO#2 in Oklahoma. The IO#2 IOsorb unit has been fully built and is being shipped to the location for final plant construction.